In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Darkest Hour

In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Darkest Hour

In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Darkest Hour


On October 9, 2021, Briseida Guillen went missing. Her sister Briana Ramirez recalls getting the call from Briseida’s friend Rocky but ignoring it due to her daughter sleeping next to her. She instead texted him, but was told to call him right away.

Briana had spoken to her earlier that night about plans for the next day, not knowing that it would be the last time she would speak to her. She went to Briseida’s house as 911 calls were being made to also go to the house due to a domestic violence incident.

At this point, blood was found at the scene, but no Briseida. Her friends claimed that her ex-boyfriend Jovanny Arellanes broke into the house and that she has called one of them (Sarah) for help.

Briseida was described as a loving, bright woman. Friends and family recall her relationship with Jovanny, saying that things started off well, but before long, his disturbing past came to light. Despite this, Briseida insisted he would change. However, everyone began seeing signs of abuse and worried for her safety.

Briseida admitted things were rocky, but brushed things off, saying everything would be fine.

Six months prior to the incident, Briana remembers picking Briseida up  and noticed scratches, bruises and bite marks on her body. She wanted to call the cops on him and Briseida agreed to get a restraining order on him, breaking things off.

Little did she know that a mere six months later, Briseida would be dead.

Briana had to inform her family about Briseida’s death and that Jovanny was likely involved.

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Authorities found blood and several other pieces of evidence linking him to the crime. A warrant went out for his arrest, but he had already skipped town.

The good news is, following the filming of this episode, Jovanny was captured in Southern California and brought to justice.


Donald Fields II is an FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive for alleged sex trafficking and statutory rape. He has a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder.



Tamera ‘Tammy’ Williams is on the run after the murder and dismemberment of her boyfriend David Carter in October 2018. His sister Tasia discovered that he had not been to work in three days. She called Tammy, who acted evasive about the entire thing. Tasia and her father Elton went to the house and found blood and peroxide in his bedroom. They also found a bullet hole by the door and called the cops.

The cops could not help due to there being no body, so they did their own investigation. They tried talking to Tammy again, but she kept acting cagey, making them suspicious that she could be involved in David’s disappearance.

Several days later, David’s dismembered body was discovered scattered in trash bags 100 miles away from his home.

Tammy was brought in for questioned and later released due to lack of evidence. However, several weeks later, a warrant went out for her arrest. By this time, she had skipped town, having gone to NYC, which is the last time she had been spotted.

Tammy is on the fifteen most wanted list and there is a $25,000 reward for her arrest. She is five foot five, 190 lbs and has a large rose tattoo on her left shoulder. Her hairstyle often changes and she worked as both a travel agent and at medical stations drawing blood. She is considered to be very dangerous.

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Jayshawn Fountain went missing from Wilkinsburg, PA on February 24, 2023. His phone and wallet were found at the area where he would have changed buses. He is on the autism spectrum and was seventeen at the time he went missing. He is five foot eight and 170 lbs.



On July 30, 2022, 24-year-old Allahnia Lenoir went out with her best friend Tori….only to disappear. Tori had called the house looking for Allahnia, but her mom Jannette assumed she had been with her boyfriend. Little did she know that she was actually missing.

Jannette recalls her daughter as a loving, trusting person. She had tried to reach Allahnia via text but got no answer. She soon revealed that Tori told her that they had met with two guys named Steven Oboite and Diante Reynolds. Tori had wanted to leave around midnight the night Allahnia went missing, but Allahnia wanted to stay. She had gone home, not knowing the horror that would follow.

Jannette got both guys’ numbers from Tori, but got no answer, making her realize that something was very wrong. The police were brought in and they told Callahan that Steve refused to cooperate. Security video showed all four of them entering the apartment, with only Diante and Tori leaving later. Diante would soon return, but Allahnia was never seen again on the tapes. There were also conflicting stories as to what happened to her from both Tori and another friend.

Both Steve and Diante presented themselves as entrepreneurs to Allahnia, but actually had extensive criminal records.

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Foul play is now suspected in the case.

Allahnia’s father Abraham tells Callahan about how he found out his daughter was missing. He was in denial, but then vowed that he would stop at nothing to find her….as did Jannette. He even went to the apartment and realized that it was a high crime area. He then received a call that the case was not being considered a homicide.

A search warrant was obtained to look at the apartment, but it had been cleaned out completely.

There was speculation that Allahnia had OD’ed and Steve was trying to get Narcan, but died before this could happen…and it was possible that the body was disposed of. While Allahnia was not known to have been involved in drugs, it was possible that something she had taken had been laced with fentanyl.

Diante was arrested and revealed that a third party was involved in disposing of Allahnia’s body.

A search began for Allahnia’s body, while Nicholas Hendrickson was arrested for his part in the crime. The body has yet to be found.

Steve is six feet tall, 185 lbs and has ties to Africa, with two kids in Atlanta.


Gilberto Juarez-Hernandez is wanted for the alleged murder of a woman and her two-year-old in 2003. He was last seen in Iowa but could be in Mexico.



Chance Schuster was last seen on September 4th, 2023 in Polk County, Oregon. He is twelve years old and believed to have been abducted by his non-custodial mother Ayla Flinter. She is 33, five foot two and has a tattoo on her left shoulder. He has blonder hair and brown eyes.


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