Trippin’ with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/20/2023

Trippin' with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/20/2023

TRIPPIN’ WITH ANTHONY ANDERSON & MAMA DORIS -- "Florence, Italy" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Anthony Anderson, Mama Doris -- (Photo by: Paolo Lo Debole/E! Entertainment)

Trippin’ with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris Recap for 7/20/2023

-This week, Anthony and Mama Doris are in Florence, Italy.

-There is a pair of boxers with the male anatomy on it. Mama Doris buys it for some dude named Skinny Boy, leaving Anthony with lots of questions.

-The two of them go for a drive and get lost, which is an adventure in itself.

-They finally get to their hotel and stay in the Royal Suite. It has a library, a dining room, and a big ass bathroom that probably is bigger than the gym where I work as a personal trainer. They also get chocolates, wine (which Mama Doris says has her name on it) and a ton of other goodies.

-The two of the take an art class with a naked dude as their subject. Mama Doris is delighted and wants to bring her bingo buddies next time.

-Mama Doris has a blast painting the dude’s penis and announcing she had a lot to give thanks for last Thanksgiving when she had her very own naked dude.

-The two of them watch shoes being made and it is quite interesting. They even have a mold so the shoe fits their foot exactly.

-Afterward, they do a gelato tasting. Anthony even has Mama Doris make some of her own. There is also wine served with the gelato. More accurately, it is in the gelato.

-The next adventure is Mama Doris making chocolate and Anthony going hiking with a dog.

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-The episode ends with them enjoying a meal which contains cheese and truffles.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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