Masterchef Recap for 7/10/2024

Masterchef Recap for 7/10/2024

Masterchef Recap for 7/10/2024

-We are at the second week of competition on Masterchef: Generations on Fox. This week, Rebecka is safe after winning immunity. She will also give an entire generation a secret fermented ingredient halfway though the competition.

-Everyone else will cook with aged, fermented ingredients and make a dish in an hour.

-Sunshine is making a dry, aged ribeye with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms.

-The Boomers are bringing up the rear in the pantry, so the judges tell them to get a move on.

-Kamay is also making a dry age rib eye with black garlic and Brussels sprouts.

-Chris is making duck l’ orange with black garlic.

-Murt is making a dry aged ribeye with a blue cheese cream sauce.

-Becca is making a prosciutto wrapped duck breast, which worries the judges. She ends up struggling and worrying if she can pull it off.

-As always, the judges walk around and offer commentary and advice to everyone.

-Is it me, or does everything seem rushed tonight with describing the dishes?

-Rebecka comes down to give out the secret ingredient…stilton! Nobody knows what it is, but it seems like some sort of cheese. She gives it to….Gen X! Kimberly quips that she will no longer get the free pedicure she promised if she were spared from the secret ingredient.

-Gen X is thrown off by this new ingredient, especially Sunshine, who has no idea how to incorporate it into her dish.

-The judges wonder how it will work out with this new twist. They say stilton is like a higher grade, more intense blue cheese.

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-Sunshine keeps falling behind….to the point where Chef Gordon Ramsay tells her she needs to hustle is she wants to finish in time.

-Kimberly thinks she can make it work with her duck dish because she once had a French boyfriend who introduced her to different kinds of cheeses.

-Sunshine’s dish is now burning….poor girl can’t catch a break. I just want to hug her right now.

-Before long, it is time for the judges to taste the food. They go around one by one, giving the pros and cons of each.

Best Dishes:

Becca–Gen Z: Her crispy skin dry aged duck breast with prosciutto and mashed potatoes is delicious, seasoned beautifully and ‘very mature.’

Anna–Millennial: Her oil poached aged snapper and sides is magical, delicious and well-cooked.

Kimberly–Gen X: Her dry aged duck breast with mashed potatoes, prosciutto and sauce tastes as wonderful as it looks.

Warren–Baby Boomers: His dry aged NY strip, salad and sides has a random boiled egg, but it is all beautifully cooked and ‘old school in the best ways.’


Anna wins and saves the millennials!


Worst dishes:

Fatima–Gen Z: Her aged salmon and spaghetti is well-seasoned, but the dish doesn’t work well together. (She looks so sad! I want to hug her too!)

Sunshine–Gen X: Her dry aged ribeye with compound butter and au gratin potatoes is undercooked and too heavy.

Christopher–Baby Boomers: His steam aged salmon with kimchi puree and miso broth is unappealing, but the fish is cooked beautifully.

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Sunshine is eliminated.

More next week, stay tuned.


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