The Amazing Race Finale Recap for The Longest Minute of Your Life

The Amazing Race Finale Recap for The Longest Minute of Your Life

The Amazing Race Finale Recap for The Longest Minute of Your Life


The Amazing Race finale on CBS begins with the final four teams in the Dominican Republic, specifically Sosua Beach. They must dive into the water from a catamaran in order to get the next clue. The teams, as always, begin in the order they arrived at the pit stop.

Each team continues to look back on their time on the show as they complete the task.


Once each team gets their clue, they must do a detour. The first option is to put together diving equipment, while the second option has them preparing drinks. Ricky and Cesar and Rod and Leticia complete the latter, with Leticia feeling extra confident due to her bartending skills.


Amber and Vinny and Juan and Shane also do the bartending detour, with the former getting turned around and therefore, falling behind.


Ricky and Cesar and Rod and Leticia finish the detour, while Amber and Vinny struggle.


After the detour is completed, the teams must head to Cabarete Beach. Leticia must complete the remaining roadblocks because Rod can no longer do any more….I guess since he has already done quite a few of them?


The roadblock has them one team member windsurf for one minute with the help of an instructor. Leticia manages to finish in two tries, while Ricky struggles.


Once the roadblock is done, the teams head to Olympus Beach. Leticia and Rod are in the lead and head over while Ricky works on the roadblock. Juan and Shane soon join them, with Juan completing it for the team. He finishes in three tries, while Ricky continues to struggle.

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Amber and Vinny finally finish the detour and head to the roadblock, with Vinny completing it.


Ricky finally finishes the roadblock and heads to the next clue with Cesar, but Vinny and Amber are hot on their heels.


At Olympus beach, the teams find out they must head to Wilson’s Bar via dune buggies and tandem kayaks for the penultimate pit stop. Rod and Leticia get there first and win a trip to Rome. Juan and Shane are in second place, followed by Ricky and Cesar.

Amber and Vinny are eliminated…..but get engaged.

The final leg kicks off with the teams heading to Philadelphia! They must head to the Rocky Steps, where they get their next clue. They are sent to Lincoln Financial Field.

Ricky is from the area, so he thinks he and Cesar have a leg up in the competition.


Roadblock! The teams must choose one member to dress as a mascot and complete an obstacle course. Leticia, Ricky and Shane complete it for their respective teams.

Once they are done, they must head to Pat’s and Genos, famous for their cheesesteaks. Juan and Shane mistakenly think that they are looking for a pizza place and despite asking for help, end up in New Jersey.

Once the other two teams head to the correct location, they find out they must now go to Head House Square. Once they arrive, they must recite different parts of the Preamble.


Ricky and Cesar complete it in two tries and head to Betsy Ross House.

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Juan and Shane finally arrive to the correct location and catch up. Rod continues to struggle with his part of the Preamble.


Roadblock! One team member must put together an American flag. Cesar does this for his team.


Rod and Leticia finally complete the task, despite his frustrations. Juan and Shane are not too far behind.


Ricky and Cesar complete the roadblock and head to Arch Street Meeting House, where they must complete a 3D Liberty Bell Puzzle for the final clue, the other two teams do the flag task.


Ricky and Cesar complete the puzzle and head to Glen Ford Estate….and the finish line. The other teams work on the puzzle. Juan and Shane finish and race to the finish line as Rod and Leticia continue to work on the puzzle.


It is a mad dash for the finish line as Ricky and Cesar get lost. However, they manage to get to the finish line first and win The Amazing Race. They are thrilled and cannot wait to begin the next chapter of their lives together


Juan and Shane are in second place, while Rod and Leticia take third.


That is a wrap for the season!

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