American Ninja Warrior Catch Up

American Ninja Warrior Catch Up

When we last left our warriors:

The fastest time of the night went to Pennsylvania’s Matt Bradley, who flew through the course in just 60 seconds. While Matt and four others in the two-hour episode hit buzzers fast enough to get a chance at the Mega Warped Wall for $20,000, none of them were able to secure the bonus prize tonight. Top ninjas Sean Bryan, Noah Meunier, Jay Lewis and Levi Enright all had a chance after hitting their qualifying buzzers in less than 90 seconds.


Matt Bradley – Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

With fierce competition on the women’s side this week, we saw new teen phenom Emily Keener have the best run of the night only inches away from taking on the mega wall. Emily has synesthesia, causing multiple unrelated senses to activate at the same time, describing this as “words, sounds and colors all merging”. She’s had to battle seeing double on the course at times, making her run all the more impressive.

Family affairs are common in the ninjaverse, and last night we saw the Behrends clan all competing and making it onto the leaderboard, including Scott Behrends, his son Ben Behrends, nephew Chris Behrends, and Chris’ best friend Levi Enright, who is marrying into the family and had the fastest buzzer in hour one!


Levi Enright – Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

In the qualifier rounds, the top 11 men and top 3 women immediately advance to the semi-finals. The last spot in each leaderboard is determined by The Run-Offs, where two Ninjas run head-to-head. Last night, longtime competitor Tyler Yamauchi grabbed one of the last spots in a photo finish at the buzzer, and Guang Cui, Jojo Grubesic and Violet Kepo’o also beat out their opponents for a ticket to the semi-finals.

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Below, please find the top Ninjas who are advancing to the semi-finals.

Let me know if you are interested in speaking with any of the Ninjas.

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The qualifiers continue after Olympic Trials on Monday, July 1 (8/7c) on NBC.

Qualifying rounds continue in Los Angeles on the world’s most challenging obstacle course. The competition is bigger than ever with two different qualifying courses and return of the epic 18’-6” Mega Warped Wall. Head-to-head runoff races determine the final spot moving ahead to semifinals for each round.


Advancing to Semi-Finals (First Hour)

  1. Levi Enright

  2. Kaden Lebsack

  3. Chris Behrends

  4. Ben Behrends

  5. Cam Baumgartner

  6. Max Feinberg

  7. Nathan Green

  8. Scott Behrends

  9. Glenn Albright

  10. Eric Middleton

  11. Marquez Green

  12. Tyler Yamauchi –

    Winner of the Run-Off against Seth Lambert



  1. Emily Keener

  2. Mady Howard

  3. Anabella Heinrichs

  4. Violet Kepo’o –

    Winner of the Run-Off against Rysann Clark



Advancing to Semi-Finals (Second Hour)

  1. Matt Bradley

  2. Noah Meunier

  3. Jay Lewis

  4. Sean Bryan

  5. Ramcis Valdez

  6. Jacob Arnstein

  7. Najee Richardson

  8. Noah Buschur

  9. Brandon Singletary

  10. David Campbell

  11. John Uga

  12. Guang Cui – Winner of the Run-Off against Ben Kooper


  1. Casey Rothschild

  2. Taylor Johnson

  3. Addy Herman

  4. Jojo Grubesic – Winner of the Run-Off against Elly Har

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