America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/11/2024

America's Got Talent Recap for 6/11/2024

America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/11/2024

The second audition night of NBC’s America’s Got Talent is here! We have Terry Crews back as host and Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell back as judges.

This season, each judge gets two Golden Buzzers and Terry Crew gets one.

Terry and Heidi each used one last week during the season premiere, while Simon used two last week.


Andrei Burton: It is a biking/danger act taking place outside to the tune of I’m A Believer by Smashmouth…..the bike tricks are quite impressive as he rides into the auditorium…and it gets even more impressive as he uses the bike to jump over the balcony, through the audience and onto the stage…..and on a bunch of stacked tables….that are on fire….just as you think it is over, he adds even more tricks.

The judges find him exciting and send him to the next round.


BBoy Samuka: He is from Brazil and is a cancer survivor. As a result, he had his leg amputated. However, this didn’t stop him from learning how to dance. If he wins, he will buy his mom a house and help others with cancer.

My jaw is on the floor with this performance. He is fun, cute and has incredible breakdancing moves like I have never seen before. I literally have no words for how amazing this is….WOW.

The judges are blown away and give him four yeses.


The Reklaws: They are a brother/sister singing duo who dedicate their performance to their late mother, who died due to mental illness. The act is adorable, kind of like a modern-day Donny and Marie with a country twist. There is something so innocent and sweet about them that I smile from start to finish. The fact that it is an original song makes it even better….especially since they are bringing awareness to mental health issues.

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They are unanimously sent to the next round.



Studmuffin Supreme: He is a dancer who has a huge TikTok following. His mom is also in the audience. His dance reminds me of a guy at a wedding who had one too many…he is hilarious and fun but gets sent home.


Roni and Rhythm: The two of them are from Israel and are a dog/human act. They are actually friends with reigning champs Adrian and Hurricane.

Their act is a lyrical dance which is….very different and cute. I love it! There has never been a dog act like this before and I have no idea if any future one can top this.

The judges love it and send them to the next round.


Solange Kadfinaly: She is a quick change magician/singer who performs while changing outfits via magic….making some out of scraps of material…making it next level. It is fun to watch and something I would love to see again.

The judges think it is the best quick change act and send her to the next round.


Bikos Manna: They are a sibling group that do a rendition of Don’t Worry, Be Happy….complete with dancing, instruments and endless cuteness. It is by far my favorite act of the night. Everything about them makes me smile.

They are sent to the next round by some very happy judges.


Legion: They hail from Argentina and are a dance troupe that perform with their feet literally on fire….with drums and sword fighting. It is so good that I am contemplating breaking out my Visa to see them live….I love how it is so different, so sexy and so fun.

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There is a weird montage that consists of a witch making a witch’s brew with Simon’s hair, tangerines and random other stuff….that leads to her jumping and getting buzzed and booed off the stage….even though Simon enjoyed it. He tells them that they are all getting cursed…..and he is correct…..they play something that sounds like a remix of the Unsolved Mysteries theme and another monster shows up dancing to Christmas carols….and he gets buzzed off the stage.

Then there is an invisible person talking that calls Sofia to the stage…or SO FEAR…..while Simon gets a box and is told to remove a piece of paper. She looks into smoke and describes the images she sees….while Simon reads a story based on said images…that is freakishly accurate…..the buzzers keep going off and the power goes out.


Yet another act shows up….this time a clown named Jelly Boy that freaks Simon out. The clown dude is the child of retired clowns….and he is on the show for them…..he has fruit and power tools that he shoves down his throat and breaks….and I have no idea what to do with any of this information.


Are these acts connected or just random weird acts? I am so confused.


Jelly makes it through….I am still confused.


More montages….including a dude with nun chucks who is actually quite adorable (reminds me of a sweet dad who coaches his kid’s softball games and brings the good snacks) and an eighties guy who makes bad jokes.

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Dee Dee: She is a nurse at San Quentin who has a passion for singing. Destiny is what brought her here tonight. She takes on And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going….and this is the best BEST BEST rendition of the song I have heard….and I love the original and the Dreamgirls version. WOW…..if she doesn’t get a Golden Buzzer I will be shocked. There is no way she isn’t getting one.

WHAT? No Golden Buzzer? I thought for SURE Howie was going to give her one. WTF?


More on June 25th. Stay tuned.

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