ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker

The episode opens with George and Mary arguing over the fact that she wants him to drive Missy to school. He says it is on her way, but she has to drop the bulletin off at the printers. He says no one reads it, causing more tension.


Missy and Sheldon talk about the potential family changes, whilst snarking at each other.


There is more tension at breakfast, but George tells Missy he is taking her to school. She just hopes it won’t be much trouble.


Mary is waiting for Pastor Jeff, when she runs into Pastor Rob. Things are awkward, so she quickly goes into his office to tell him about Georgie, using vague descriptions and no names. He says they should get married and ultimately blames the parents for the lack of values of the unmarried, pregnant couple.


MeeMaw is watching TV when Missy and Sheldon come by to talk. She tells them that what is going on is none of their damn business.


Mary comes home to tell George about her talk with Pastor Jeff. George tells her not to worry when MeeMaw calls, warning her that the twins are asking questions.


The twins come home and figure out Georgie is the one who is going to become a father, leading to a family meeting. Mary tells them the truth and pushes that she wants them to get married.  They are told to keep it a secret, but Sheldon isn’t sure he can do it.

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Missy is excited to be an aunt, while Sheldon feels weird about being an uncle. George says he and Mary will be grandparents and Meemaw will be a great-grandma. Missy thinks that makes her old, which George hopes someone tells her.


Georgie tries to call Mandy, with no avail. MeeMaw tries to comfort him, but it isn’t working.


Sheldon is distracted at school and runs to the restroom to avoid spilling the secret. However, after class, he tells Dr. Linkletter.


Pastor Rob and Mary go to have a cigarette. She spills as well. He comforts her and offers to talk to Mandy….saying he is good with young people and people her own age.


Wayne tells George someone is after his job, but he doesn’t care. Wayne wonders what is wrong, so the guys go to the bar and drink, which leads to George spilling the secret.


At dinner, everyone confesses to blabbing Georgie’s secret. He storms off and calls Mandy, only to get into a fight. Missy goes to comfort him, leading to a sweet sibling moment. He admits his insecurities, so Missy comforts him.


Mary and George talk about the reactions of those they told. She admits she told Pastor Rob, which makes George jealous and mad, especially since he said the same thing George said earlier.


The episode ends with Mary calling her Bible study group, since no one showed up. She then calls Pastor Rob to talk.

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