Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 1 The Men

Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 1 The Men

Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 1 The Men


  • Biggie was the king of East Coast rap and was murdered March 9th, 1997. His family is now suing the city of Los Angeles.
  • His mother Voletta is still looking for answers and is upset that there have been no answers or progress in the investigation.
  • There was talk that his earning potential was worth 400 million dollars, something that could play a role in the investigation.
  • Retired LAPD Greg Kading was one of the detectives who looked into the case.
  • Stephanie Fredric was one of the news reporters who covered Biggie’s murder and Black Hollywood. She remembers the West Coast/East Coast rap battle and how big it was at the time. She says that nobody ever thought it would become deadly.


  • Tupac Shakur was shot September 7th, 1996, just six months before Biggie.
  • There was always a belief that the two murders were somehow related.


  • Duane Keefe D Davis was associated with Bad Boy Records and in the areas when both rappers were shot. His nephew Orlando Anderson was allegedly attacked by Tupac and Suge Knight, as well as other members of the Death Row Entourage. Authorities wanted to question him, but he did not cooperate. They needed to find a way to make him cooperate.
  • Compton PD Gang Unit member Robert Ladd remembers seeing Keefe D dive deeper and deeper into gang life.
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  • Authorities needed to get Keefe D to talk about the murders, so they were able to develop a drug case against him. He was given an ultimatum where he would cooperate regarding Biggie’s murder or face 25 years in prison.
  • Keefe D and his attorney agree to cooperate. He said he was at a party the day of the murder, but said he and his gang weren’t involved with that murder. They think the gang is responsible for something, and before long, he is talking about the Tupac murder.

Early Days:

  • Lil’ Cease, who was a fellow rapper, was friends with Biggie since he was a child. He remembers their growing up years and how his life changed the moment he began rapping.
  • Voletta remembers how his career began as well, and how he promised to ne a decent citizen.
  • Journalist Cathy Scott wrote a book on the murders and lives of the late rappers.
  • Tupac grew up with a drug addicted mother, but never blamed her for it. He and Biggie would rap about guns, gangs and girls, but also about real issues in life.
  • The guys became very close friends and ended up working together.

November 29th, 1994

  • Tupac was on trial for sexual assault, sodomy and weapons possession. A woman accused him of setting her up to be raped in her hotel room, which he denied.
  • This led to mounting legal bills. He and Biggie planned on going to the studio that night to jump on a track and make some fast cash.
  • That night, Tupac was robbed at gunpoint. The robbers shot him and took $40,000 worth of jewelry. He thought Biggie set it up, but that was not the case.
  • Tupac was convicted of the sexual abuse charges, but cleared of other charges. He goes to prison, where he disses Biggie. He wanted to appeal the charges, but could not make bail.
  • Suge Knight comes to his rescue, seeing his potential.
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  • Suge ends up in a feud with Shawn Puffy Combs because of this new support. Tupac is now with Death Row Records, leading to the East Coast/West Coast rap battle.
  • Tupac’s career explodes at this point, causing even more tension.
  • James McDonald, who used to do security for Death Row Records recalls meeting Suge and how Tupac exploded into fame.
  • Joe Cool, who is Snoop Dogg’s cousin, also recalls Tupac coming into the scene.
  • The two gangs would make music about each other, leading to even more tension between the gangs, Biggie and Tupac.
  • After the Source Awards, Suge’s friend and bodyguard Jake Robles is shot and killed at a nightclub. One of Puffy’s bodyguards was the prime suspect.


  • Keefe D talks to authorities about the gang rivalry and how Puffy wanted revenge. He claims he found people who who would kill Suge and Tupac for a million dollars.
  • Puffy denies this ever happened and has never been charged in connection to Tupac’s murder.

September 7, 1996

  • Suge and Tupac were in Vegas for an event. Orlando Anderson was also there, along with Travon Lane, another gang member.
  • There was an altercation between the men, which would soon lead to even more trouble.

As told by Keefe D

  • A plan of retaliation is formed, thanks to Orlando and Keefe D.
  • The men don’t see Suge or Tupac, so they abandon their plan.
  • Later on, they see Tupac and Suge’s car and follow them. Orlando allegedly shot at the car, which led to Tupac dying.
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  • Tupac was in the hospital fighting for his life. Friends and family, including Reverend Jesse Jackson, MC Hammer and Voletta were by his side.
  • Orlando was arrested for the murder and became the prime suspect.
  • Sadly, the case wasn’t investigated as it should have been.
  • Orlando denied being the one who killed Tupac. There was not enough evidence to convict him either.
  • Orlando himself was shot and killed in 1998.
  • Tupac’s murder at this case is considered unsolved.
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