Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 18, 2018

It is yet another episode of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. Shannon went home Friday and we began the Courtside Seats HOH competition.

Everyone is sitting on the wall and the first three to fall will end up on slop. The winner is the new HOH.

As they sit, they get things thrown at them, listen to cheering and get hit with sweat? EW!

Order in which they fall:








James and Omarosa make some sort of deal if Omarosa wins that will keep him safe.

The slop arrived and everyone has to sample it before Metta, Mark and Ross eat it for the next 48 hours.

Ross is very concerned about Omarosa being HOH, who plans to split up the pairs.

Brandi admits she voted for Mark so Shannon wouldn’t feel bad.  She apologizes and everyone is shocked she would do such a thing. They wonder if she can be trusted.

Marissa, Ari and Ross want to cut ties with Brandi. Ari goes as far as to tell her she is selfish. However, they still want to team up with her to prevent her from being with Omarosa. Marissa, on her part, wonders if it is acually Brandi’s time to go.

Omarosa plans to put Ross up and wonders who to put up with him.

It is time for a meeting and Metta shows up in his boxer briefs and damn…..damn……

Omarosa announces there will be a nomination twist: there will be a special, game changing announcement at the POV competition. Everyone thinks America will be involved.

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Omarosa promise to not put Metta up if he helps get rid of Ross. She basically makes deals with everyone to make this happen. Her dream top four is her, James, Metta and Mark, so James agrees to help break up the other pairs.

Nomination ceremony. She chose Ross and Brandi.

Ross was chosen for spreading seeds of doubt about her integrity and Brandi because she went against the house and cannot be trusted.

More tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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