Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 3: The Legend

Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 3: The Legend

Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 3: The Legend

Family, Friends and More Investigating

  • I had forgotten that Dr. Dre and his team brought a hologram of Tupac to Coachella in 2012.
  • Biggie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, much to Puffy’s delight.
  • It is still so sad that investigators think they know what happened, but nobody was arrested or brought to justice in either case.
  • Seeing Biggie’s mom and children and knowing how they still don’t have answers completely breaks my heart. I am glad she filed a wrongful death suit in hopes of finding answers.
  • I am completely shocked that critical information needed in Biggie’s case was found in the desk and filing cabinets of one of the lead investigators named Steve Katz…..and no one knew or did anything until Xavier Hermosillo said something.
  • The LAPD claimed the ‘forgot’ about the evidence, but it is believed that such evidence was held back intentionally. The judge confirmed this.
  • Biggie’s family won 1.1 million in the lawsuit. His mom still hopes that someone is arrested in the murder of her son and brought to justice.

July 2006

  • The LAPD launches a new task force to find the person responsible for Biggie’s murder.
  • Greg Kading was brought in to help with the new investigation. He went deep into his investigation, which brought him back to the previous theory that Amir Muhammed, David Mack and Suge Knight were all involved. However, he said that the informant who provided this information later admitted to lying.
  • Phil Carson thinks Greg is wrong because he had several informants who said that Amir, David and Suge where involved, including Mario Ha’Mmonds.
  • Mario claimed he met with the men in question the night of the murder. However, further investigation showed this was based on circumstance, hearsay and misinformation.
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Dead Ends

  • There was no longer any evidence to link Amir, David or Rafael Perez to the murder, but Suge was still suspected of being involved.
  • Reggie Wright Jr did security for Death Row Records and was questioned about Suge. He claimed to have no information on anything and that he would be cooperative. He also recalled how much Suge loved and respected Tupac.
  • After Tupac’s murder, Suge was in prison for violating his probation.
  • After Suge went to prison, Death Row Records began to fall apart and many artists left due to not getting paid and other incidents.

A New Connection

  • Death Row Records went bankrupt in 2009 and was sold. Suge himself declared bankruptcy in 2006, but also tried to hide millions of dollars worth of master taped that he had transferred.
  • Further investigation showed he had an accomplice named Theresa Swann (not her real name). She also had a child with him.
  • It is discovered that Theresa was involved in a lot of fraud cases and had a huge history with Suge.
  • Since Suge was in prison when Biggie was killed, investigators decided to question Theresa about her knowledge of the murder. They threatened to charge her with her other crimes if she did not cooperate.
  • As the investigation continued, a new name kept popping up: Wardell Fouse, aka Poochie, aka Darnell Bolton.
  • Reggie recalled him as being a dangerous man who did enforcement type of activities for Suge. He was also a Death Row Records bodyguard. He remembered Suge purchasing himself and Poochie Impalas, one of which matched the description of the car at the scene of the crime.
  • Reggie also confessed about some off the books money deals were going on shortly before the murder…..$25,000 of which was given to Theresa. He, as well as investigators, found this suspicious.
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  • The case seemed to be hitting another dead end. Poochie, who was considered a suspect, had been dead for several years.
  • A fake confession from Poochie was written in order to get Theresa to talk. However, this was a risky move.
  • Theresa falls for it and says everything in the letter was true. She said that Suge was devastated by Tupac’s murder and when she visited him in prison (pretending to be a part of his legal team so they can talk privately), he asked her to get a hold of Poochie to commit the murder.
  • Theresa met with Poochie several times to give him money to carry out the hit, but the amount didn’t add up since he only got $13000.
  • After the confession, Greg is taken off the case since there were allegations of racketeering against him. They were later disproven.
  • During this time, the evidence was presented in the Biggie case, but there wasn’t enough for a prosecution.
  • Reggie claims Theresa said she isn’t sure what happened with Poochie the night in question.
  • Phil Carson doesn’t think Poochie could have done this on his own and thinks more than one person was involved.
  • In 2010, the Wallace lawsuit was dismissed by a judge after a mutual agreement by both sides in the case. The Biggie Task Force was disbanded a month later.

Where We Are

  • The case of Biggie’s murder remains open and unsolved.
  • As of now, all the evidence and information is locked up in a steel vault in the federal courthouse.
  • Phil reads from a document that states that in January 2001, the LAPD instituted a formal internal affairs investigation that alleged Mack and Perez conspired and assisted in the murder.
  • A year later, it is said that the LAPD was not allowed to adjudicate and make a determination on the findings.
  • July 1, 2005, it is stated that 14-16 Internal Affairs files against Mack were hidden and removed.
  • Suge is currently serving a 28 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter for running over his friend Terry Carter.
  • After leaving Death Row Records in 1998, Snoop Dogg purchased it in 2022.
  • Eugene Deal is still holding out hope that the truth comes out eventually.
  • Lil’ Cease recalls Biggie’s rise to fame.
  • Biggie’s mom talks about how she misses him every day.
  • Everyone involved hopes that they will someday get the answers they desire and deserve.
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