The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Baby It’s Cold Inside

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The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Baby It’s Cold Inside

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo opens with LuAnn preparing a celebration for Ramona’s birthday.

She is touched that LuAnn surprised her with several desserts and that she also volunteered to host a party for her and Sonja, who is also going to be celebrating her birthday.

However, Ramona is worried because of Sonja’s increasing drinking. They want to help her before it is too late, but have no idea what to do.


Eboni and Sonja go to see Martin for a workout, which Sonja also uses for a therapy session. She talks about how her dad was a playboy, but Martin uses much stronger language.

Martin encourages her to use her anger and feelings over her dad and channel it into her workout. Eboni is proud of Sonja and the two of them have a heart to heart over their relationships with their dads.

Eboni also talks about how she connected with a woman named Ashley, who claims they are sisters and says they will find out together over FaceTime.

Eboni and Ashley talk about their dad and how neither one of them had a relationship with him. They decide that they want to have their own relationship and plan to meet up in the future.

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LuAnn tells Ramona that she is working on a Christmas song and wants all the ladies to participate.

Later on, she meets with Leah to plan the party and discuss the song with her. She explains how things will work and assures Leah that everything will be covered legally.

The topic switches to how the tabloids found out about LuAnn and Garth. She says that they enjoy each others’ company, but they are laying low for the time being.


Song time! Ramona shows up first, and although she doesn’t have the best voice, she has fun!

Sonja shows up next and thinks the song is about diamonds and panties, not parties.

Eboni is nervous and quips that she is no Whitney Houston.

Leah wants a contract and seems to be taking it very seriously. She is worried about getting sued, which embarrasses LuAnn.


Party time! Sonja decides not to drink, but hits on Kurt the nude model dude from the Hamptons trip. The other ladies are surprised to see him and wonder if he will get naked again.

Eboni quips that she forgot she saw his penis.

Ramona is with a guy named Dylan, who brings her flowers.

There are also a lot other men there, including William, with whom Leah shares a past

Sonja wants to hit on Dylan because it seems as if Ramona is there with someone else? It is confusing if they are all friends, there with dates or what.

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The men are now channeling their inner Magic Mikes for the ladies, who join in on the dancing…but without stripping.

They all drink and mingle after dancing. Eboni invites them to a black Shabbat dinner and says that the ladies are the only ones who are neither black nor Jewish who are invited.

Ramona thinks it is wrong of Eboni to make a big deal out of this and she should just say that she is just having a party.

Bershan is not invited because of COVID and because she is inviting people she knows from before. She doesn’t think it is a big deal and has no problem not being at an even where she is being schooled.

Tension arises when Leah brings up the legal issues again, but the men diffuse it with a birthday cake in the shape of a penis and vagina. Leah, of course, has fun with it and the ladies enjoy some cake.

The party breaks up and the ladies go their separate ways for the night.


More next week, stay tuned!


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