Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 11/9/2023

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 11/9/2023

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 11/9/2023

-Hell’s Kitchen opens with a parade to celebrate America!

-The teams will be barbequing for their challenge. They will go head-to-head making six different proteins.

-Atoye loves cooking with bourbon….even though she can’t drink it.

-Swordfish–Sandra vs. Ryan—Winner: Sandra

-Chicken thigh–Atoye vs. Dahmere–Winner: Dahmere

-Chicken breast–Leigh vs. Jason–Winner: Leigh

-Trout–Sammi vs. Johnathan–Winner: TIE!

-Flat iron steak–Carmen vs. Devon–Winner: Carmen

-Tri-Tip: Donya vs Jermaine–Winner

-The red team wins the challenge! Their prize is bringing home the grills and a night out for dinner and fun at Dave and Busters. The blue team have to clean the grills.

-Dinner service tonight! G-Eazy is one of the celebrity guests, much to the delight of Sammi, who gets all giddy.

-The blue team seems to be struggling. The red team starts off slow but ends up serving delicious food.

-The blue team have trouble communicating….making things fall apart at the seams. Dahmere takes over and things finally get under control.

-Jason jumps in to help Jermaine, who seems to be struggling.

-The blue team continues to fall apart and get yelled at by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

-Devon is upset since he is alone at his station while everyone else works on garnish.

-The red team hits a hiccup but manage to pull it together.

-The blue team gets kicked out after one too many mistakes. Dahmere is chewed out by Chef Ramsay because he took charge and everything fell apart. He must now choose two people to nominate.

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-The guys argue over the fiasco that just happened, causing Ryan to storm off in anger.

-Jermaine apologizes for his role in the service falling apart.

-Devon is afraid that he might go home due to his own mistakes and ends up breaking down.

-Jermaine and Devon are in the bottom two. They give their reasons as to why they should stay before Chef Ramsay decides to eliminate Jermaine.

More next week, stay tuned!


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