Night Court Recap for Wheelers of Fortune

Night Court Recap for Wheelers of Fortune

Night Court Recap for Wheelers of Fortune

The episode opens with Abby presiding over a case with a man in a bubble, presented by Wyatt. Dan defends him, while Olivia argues against him. Abby sentences him to community service as Gurgs rolls him away.


Olivia talks about looking for a place to live, causing Dan to tease her. However, he us interrupted by the Wheelers, causing a lot of thunder, worrying Wyatt. Abby remembers them from a case her father told her about and she is excited to meet them. They are on trial for animal hoarding, which began after their great grandmother died. The bad one is still living, according to June. They explain the situation and are fined $500, but not before they tell Abby about a psychic she was dying to meet.


Back in the chambers, Dan is upset about meeting the Wheelers again, while Abby is excited and hopes they can put her in touch with Jovan the psychic. She talks about seeing colors, which Dan says reminds him of Harry. Abby says he didn’t believe in the supernatural, but that they made a deal about finding a psychic who knew their secret phrase, hence why she wants to meet Jovan. Dan is still against it.


Wyatt discusses the situation with Gurgs and Olivia, who discuss being cursed and think maybe Abby seeing their colors has something to do with it.

Abby talks to them about getting in touch with the Wheelers and considers using a disguise. However, they are already in the cafeteria after a bird attack. Abby goes to talk to them, only to scare them since she ‘looks like a crow.’

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Bob tells Abby she can’t help her, and June agrees. She says she will do anything, so they agree to help is she agrees to babysit Carol Ann, who wants to know if she will donate her kidney. Bob says she isn’t sick but likes to play with them.


Back in court, Dan asks her about babysitting. Abby explains the situation when Carol Ann comes in, asking to be able to get a nickel from the train. Abby gives her money when a couple comes in, in a rush to get married since the husband must go to space. However, Carol Ann acts up and a whole series of unfortunate events occur, including a ceiling fall on Abby. Dan pronounces the couple married as they rush off.


In the cafeteria, Carol Ann is paying for her food with change when Abby wonders what to do about Jovan, who appears. Abby is confused, even more so when Olivia appears saying she is a homeowner. Jovan tells her she made a bad investment.


Jovan gives Abby her reading, only to have Dan snark on it. He tries to test her by asking about a basketball game, but he is still not convinced and continues to be snarky.

Jovan is about reveal what her father said when Olivia interrupts, wondering about her haunted house. Abby tries to get her back on track, only to have Gurgs interrupt, followed by Wyatt.

Dan finally tells them to let Jovan talk because she was right about the game. Jovan tells them enough as doors and windows slam. She says Harry is there and proud of her…..but Abby says that not the message. Jovan tries again but is still wrong. She then tells her that her mom wants her casserole dish back as she leaves.

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Later on, Dan talks to Abby about Harry, creating a bonding moment. She says she sees him in everything she does and that she wishes she had more time with him. Dan tells her not to give up until she gets the message, despite it being ‘certifiably insane.’ He then says they need to bet against the house even though you know the house is rigged—which was Harry’s special message. Abby is floored as the lights flicker. They both feel his presence and tear up together.


Gurgs meets with someone named Raven to lift a curse, but he refuses and leaves with his snake. Wyatt helps her get rid of it by putting the curse into an onion….which works, as the cable people are finally at her house.


The Wheelers continue to ‘help’ Dan and Olivia as Bob eats the cursed onion, causing the Knicks to forfeit, their missing sheep to end up loose on the court and Abby in a bubble with the ceiling falling on her….as the episode comes to a close.

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