The Bachelor Recap for February 19, 2018

This is Hometown Date Week on ABC’s The Bachelor. Tia, Kendall, Becca and Lauren all bring Arie home to meet the parents. From the previews, it looks like it is going to be tough!

Kendall’s Date: There is a lot of taxidermy….and she teaches him how to uh, taxidermy and nope! I fast forward to her telling him about her family. Her twin sister is named Kylie and luckily they are old enough where we know they are not named after the Jenner girls.

At the house, Arie meets everyone and they sit down to talk. The two of them each have heart to hearts with different family members and it is the same thing every time—I’m in love, don’t you dare hurt her etc, etc, etc. I find it interesting that her mom and sister are concerned about their connection.

Kendall’s dad tells Arie that he is kind of questioning things as well. I like how her family is actually realistic about this whole process.

Tia’s Date: They go racing and chat a bit before meeting her family.

OH! He gets OWNED by her brother about the whole kissing bandit stuff! He actually asks if that is what he has to look forward to if he becomes part of the family. DAMN!!! He brings up all the rumors and really gives him what for. Arie says that is his past and he is ready to settle down, but still HE GOT OWNED!

Tia’s dad wants to protect his baby girl and feels apprehensive about who he is as a person. He gives his blessing but says he will find him if he hurts Tia.

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Becca’s Date: They go to the apple orchid, which actually looks like fun. They pick apples and make caramel apples. Afterward, they talk about her family and she fills him on who he will meet.  Arie is most worried about her Uncle, who took over raising her and her sister after her dad died.

Beck’s uncle talk about how close they are and straight out asks if she is the real deal to him. Arie says yes and pretty much gives him the answers he wants to hear.  The same thing happens with Arie and Becca’s mom.

Decca has a similar conversation with her mom, who says she isn’t ready for him to ask for her blessing.

Whatever, I keep falling asleep during this date.

Lauren’s Date: They ride horses on the beach and although I am allergic to horses and have no desire to ride one even if I wasn’t, the date is pretty cute. They also make out in some building.

You know what? We are basically watching the same date and meet the parents with different girls. Arie seems to get along with her dad. He’s actually as scary as expected, but makes it seem like it will be up to Lauren to make the right decision.

He also asks for her mom’s blessing. She says it is up to her to make the right decision.

Before the rose ceremony, he talks to Kendall and it seems as if he is questioning some stuff….or something. I was doing other stuff at this point so I wasn’t paying much attention.

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Becca, Lauren and Kendall all get roses, which means Tia is going home.

Fantsy suite dates and Women Tell All next week! Stay tuned!

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