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America's Got Talent Recap for 8/16/2022AMERICAÕS GOT TALENT -- ÒQualifiers 2Ó Episode 1711 Ñ Pictured: Wyn Starks (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/16/2022

Act 1: The Pack Drumline (drumline act): They have such a beautiful backstory—coming from nothing to making it on the show.

The act itself reminds me of that Nick Cannon movie mixed with Stomp. I am completely captivated from start to finish.

The judges think that they are spectacular, with Simon saying this is how you win the show.


Act 2: The Brown Brothers (impressionists): They take on Mickey Mouse, Venom, Goofy, Elmo, Gollum, Donkey from Shrek, Simon Cowell, and then make different versions of themselves to do a Blake Shelton, Bon Jovi, Bee Gees collaboration. How they did this, I have no idea, but I love it. The flip at the end was a nice touch.


The judges think they are fantastic and love them.


Act 3: Mr. Pants (comedian): He is again dressed as pants and talks about his kid….and immediately gets booed by the audience and buzzed by Simon.

He then strips down to a boxer costume and…I am confused.


The judges are kind of mixed on their opinions.


Act 4: Fusion Japan (dance act): That was a mindblowing performance. I have no words for it….just WOW!

The judges are amazed and think it is a winning performance.


Act 5: Freckled Zelda (singing act): I normally am not a huge fan of singing acts on the show, but she is just amazing. There is something so peaceful and sweet about her……I feel like she is someone who can make anyone feel better just by singing.

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Simon thinks it was over produced, but the others seem to enjoy it.


Act 6: Duo Rings (acrobatic act): That was HOT. Their chemistry, the routine, everything… was FIRE!

The judges think it is winning and one of the best performances of the night.


Act 7: Wyn Starks (singer): That performance made me cry. It was touching, beautiful and moving….I just adore him and how he is on the show to honor his late brother.

The judges love him and his performance.


Act 8: Aiko (comedian): She jokes about her accent and the English language. It is a bit slow at first, but the judges seem to enjoy her.


Act 9: Maddie (singer/Howie’s Golden Buzzer): Her voice makes me cry every time she sings. The fact that she is doing this for her dad is even sweeter. There is something so special about this girl. Win or lose, she is becoming an important part of the music industry.


The judges love her drive and can tell she really wants this win.


Act 10: Yu Hojin (magician): How can a magic act be so peaceful? This is your answer. His act is so calming, so serene and still manages to have allllll the elements of a magic act.

The judges are blown away and think it is a beautiful act.


Act 11:Chapel Hart (singing group/group Golden Buzzer): What a way to end the night. They are so incredible and make me so happy with every performance. I love them so much!

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The judges love it as well!


Results tomorrow, stay tuned.

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