Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 2: The Myths

Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 3: The Legend
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Who Killed Biggie and Tupac Recap for Episode 2: The Myths

March 8th, 1997

  • Biggie attended a party with friends to celebrate awards weekend.
  • Eugene Deal, Puff Daddy’s bodyguard, shared that he got intel ‘to vest up,’ which made him think people were going to try and kill them. He tried to warn Puff, but he didn’t want to hear it. He knew he had to warn Biggie and the rest of the crew going because he couldn’t live with himself if something happened.
  • Later that night and into the next morning, people were leaving the party, which was deemed overcrowded. There was a lot of chaos because everyone was leaving at the same time.
  • Eugene remembered having his weapon on him the whole time. He also witnessed a man in a blue suit, white shirt and blue bowtie approaching Puff’s car and went to investigate, weapon in hand. The man ended up walking away, but Eugene was on high alert.
  • Puff and Eugene left in one car, while Biggie, Lil’ Cease and Gregory Young were in a second car. Security was in a third car, bringing up the rear.
  • Eugene told the driver of his car to run lights, while Biggie’s car got stuck at a red light. It is in that moment a car pulls up next to them and shoots at them. Eugene wanted to go back to check on Biggie, who had been shot, while security chased the car who shot at Biggie. Sadly, the car was long gone.
  • Biggie is rushed to the hospital. Lil’ Cease thinks the guy Eugene saw earlier might have been responsible.
  • Biggie was pronounced dead at 1:15am on March 9th, 1997.
  • Eugene recalled the aftermath and how he felt guilty for what happened.
  • Biggie’s mom recalled wishing her son never moved to California and how he planned to go to Atlanta to be closer to the family.
  • The immediate thought is that this is a revenge killing for Tupac’s murder.
  • Other speculation inferred that the LAPD could have been involved.
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April 1997

  • Randall Sullivan wrote a piece on LAPD corruption, which let to him meeting Detective Russell Poole, who thought Suge Knight, along with several LAPD cops were involved in the murder.
  • Suge and several LAPD cops were said to be working together.
  • Chief Bernard Parks is said to have shut the investigation down, causing him to be shunned by the LAPD.
  • Detective Poole resigned and sued the LAPD.

September 29, 2000

  • Detective Poole discussed how he was told not to investigate the case any further.
  • He also believed two LAPD cops, David Mack and Rafael Perez were connected to the murder.

March 18, 1997

  • Biggie’s funeral is held, with family, friends and fans in attendance to pay their final respects.

A Deeper Investigation

  • Phil Carson is a former FBI agent who investigated corruption on the LAPD. This led to him learning the extracurricular activities of Officers Mack and Perez, both of whom did work for LAPD records.
  • Joe Cool also recalled seeing both cops at Death Row Records. He also said that Suge had connections within the LAPD.

November 1997

  • David Mack got arrested for robbing a bank, which helped connect him to Biggie. When he was arrested, he threatened his fellow inmates by saying he was mob hired blood.
  • The money stolen went missing.
  • A search of Mack’s house found several pieces of evidence the could connect him to Biggie’s murder, including the year and make of his car and a gun that matched the one that killed Biggie.
  • Perez was also arrested for stealing cocaine from the evidence room. He offered to give information to implicate other cops involved in shady dealings.
  • Both cops were present at the venue Biggie was the night he was killed.
  • There was conflicting stories on whether or not this was a random drive by or a premeditated crime, but soon pointed toward the latter.
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  • The case is reinvestigated. Sketch artist composites are shown, but they don’t seem to look like the same person. Other pictures showed pictures of the suspect in blue, but the face is blurred.
  • Eugene recalled being questioned and how the picture he was shown had the man he saw with a blurred face. He had been told he would be shown another picture with the face, but this never happened.
  • This led to an investigation into the LAPD, who claimed the photo never existed. However, documents prove otherwise.

The Investigation Reopens

  • Eugene was shown a photo by a documentary filmmaker. This picture featured the face of the man he say the night Biggie died.
  • The man in question is named Amir Muhammed, alias Harry Billups. He was the godfather to Mack’s children and visited him in jail using an alias.
  • Perez claimed that Mack hired Amir to kill Biggie.
  • Several informants made claims that they could implicate Mack, Suge and Amir in the murder, despite the fact that Amir was never questioned.
  • A former cellmate of Perez’s claimed that he went into great detail about crimes he committed while on the force and how he was there the night Biggie was killed. He also claimed Mack was the one who hired the hit man and that the LAPD covered it up.
  • Xavier Homosillo recalled getting testimonies from inmates who were in prison with Perez. They were both questioned and tried to give information on the case, only to be shut down by the LAPD.
  • The former cellmate also said Perez went into great detail about exactly what went down that night and how he and Mack were in on this together.
  • Word also got out that Parks’ daughter was attacked by Perez and Mack, who were dressed in red for the Bloods gang.
  • Xavier recalled handing in a picture of the three of them, only to have it disappear.
  • Agent Carson remembered how Biggie’s family wanted him to testify, but he was told not to, since it would cause issues with the LAPD.
  • Another meeting with the LAPD stated that it ‘wasn’t worth it’ to solve Biggie’s murder.
  • It became more and more urgent to try and find witnesses to prove the LAPD was involved.
  • Xavier recalled hearing that there was a lack of evidence in the case, but knew he SAW and signed off on the evidence himself.
  • Xavier also said he put himself in Biggie’s mom’s shoes and said he would want to know if someone had evidence that could help bring a killer to justice.
  • Search warrants are finally given and the US Marshals raid the LAPD.
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