Sweet Home Alabama: Season Finale Recap 1/10/14

Sweet Home Alabama: Season Finale Recap 1/10/14Sweet Home Alabama
Season Finale Recap 1/10/14

Hello, and welcome to the season finale for Sweet Home Alabama on CMT. Tonight, we will find out if Kelsey Smith chooses Nate or longtime crush Collin. It has been a season of drama, fighting and falling in love and it all comes down to this.

We open with Kelsey and the guys meeting up for a chat. She thanks them and says that she can't believe there is one city and one country man left. she reminds us that they each have one date left and asks for them to hug her. If I had a dollar every time she said that this season, I'd have a brand new pair of Jimmy Choos in my closet right now.

The first date is with Collin and his family. His mom and sister fill her in on what Collin is like and think she is a doll. Kelsey can tell that Collin is very close with his sister and wants to make a good impression.

Collin says he can see himself marrying Kelsey. Let the squealing and hugging begin. They can see Kelsey fitting in with their family. Oh, and did his mom just call him Pookie-Bear? Cute?

Collin goes to buy Kelsey a ring and remembers when Devin broke his heart. He is glad he finally gave love a chance again and hopes he doesn't end up with another broken heart.

During their one on one time Collin tells her she is falling in love. She says she never expected to hear this and says that love is sacred. She says she won't say how she feels until there is one man left, but she sees a serious future with him. They make out and he says these kisses mean more than ever because he is so in love. She says he has a piece of her heart.

The next day, she meets with Nate and his family. They all chat and eat lunch together. Kelsey feels welcomed into the family and they seem to like her and think she is adorable. They are also happy about how happy he seems.

Oh, Nate is also going to be godfather to his brother's son.

The two enjoy a fancy date in a house off the beach. He declares his love for her but of course she can't say anything. He says that no matter what, he will love her. They kiss and cuddle on the beach.

The day of Kelsey's choice is here. Everyone is looking back on the journey and we get flashbacks of her time with both guys.

Nate and Kelsey meet up one last time and he gives her a rose he took from one of the dates they went on at the opera house. She quotes Wuthering Heights and says she is now living it. She tearfully says she hates disappointing people and that it is over. He understands and thanks her for an amazing journey. He is taking it really well, which surprises me for shows like this. They hug goodbye and he leaves.

He says he is heartbroken and is in tears.

She says what she had with Collin is true love that found her. When they meet up, she says that he is the one man in her life and she is in love with him. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming. She points out she is declaring her love for him in the same place he told her he was in love. They kiss. He says she is the love of his life and he was scared about the outcome. They kiss and we get flashbacks of their time together. She sees them getting engaged in the future.

That's all for this season of Sweet Home Alabama. Congratulations to the happy couple. 


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