Sammi’s Favorite Things: Baketivity

Sammi's Favorite Things: Baketivity

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Baketivity

Do you need a gift for the little baker in your house? Look no further than Baketivity, a parent-invented and owned baking company that creates fun kits for kids to have fun in the kitchen. Check out more information below!


Fun has always taken a front seat at Baketivity. As parents, founders Eli & Miriam Schwartz wanted to bring more fun into their own home, but finding kid-friendly activities that didn’t require tons of prep and tons of cleanup was a challenge.

Miriam, who loves to bake, got the idea to test some fun and easy recipes that her family could recreate together. When she realized how easy baking with kids could be when everything was prepared ahead of time, she had to share her secrets for mess-free fun with other families.

Harnessing years of experience as a special education teacher, Miriam created the first Baketivity kit with the help of her visionary husband. Together, they decided each kit would include a colorful step-by-step recipe, fun themed activities, and ingredients—because less shopping meant more time for families to spend together!

While development started in the Schwartz’s garage, Baketivity soon made it into the homes and hearts of families around the world. With each box, Eli & Miriam hope to give kids and parents a chance to get offline and into family time with recipes and activities that open the door to fun, creativity, and confidence that kids can carry for a lifetime in the kitchen and beyond.

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