In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Masked Murderer

In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Masked Murderer

In Pursuit with John Walsh Recap for Masked Murderer


-On March 17th, 2021, a horrific murder took place in Crestview, Florida. Christine Riggs, a mom and grandma, was looking forward to her son Earnest visiting her, as he did every morning. Earnest ran a concreate company and was devoted to his mother.

Christine was waiting for a call from Earnest that would never come. That afternoon, her other son Raymond called to tell her that Earnest was shot. He had been found in his car with multiple gunshots in his body.

The family rushed to be with him, but it was too late. Earnest had succumbed to his injuries. As they grieved the loss of their son and brother, authorities looked into the case. It was discovered that Earnest had received a text about a concreate bid…..but it was a ploy to kill him. Nobody knew the motive. His coworkers who were with him, tried to get help and figure out what happened.

Earnest was well-loved and considered to be the rock that kept the family together. Nobody could figure out why someone would want to kill him.

Witnesses claim that they saw a young man in a mask commit the crime. Authorities checked security video from both the area where the shooting took place and the Walmart where the burner phone used to text Earnest was purchased.

They soon connected John William Galvao-Sahb to the murder. He worked at a local Waffle House and was off the day Earnest was killed. He was soon considered the prime suspect, but he was nowhere to be found. Media and authorities put out a BOTL (Be on the lookout) in hopes of tracking him down and bringing him to justice.

Investigators look into John and his connection with Earnest. They went to his last known address to question him, but only found his accomplice/cousin. It took nine months to question him with a lawyer, but he claimed not to know anything. There was no choice but to let him go due to lack of evidence.

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Authorities would soon learn that the cousin and Earnest were poker buddies and inferred that there was some sort of gambling debt involved. However, there was no way to prove this.

A warrant was produced for John’s arrest, but he has been on the run since the day Earnest was murdered. His family is waiting to bring John to justice and finally get closure.

John is five foot eleven, 150 lbs and has dark hair and brown eyes. He was nineteen at the time of the murder and would now be in his early twenties. He could be clean-shaven or sport a goatee. It is possible he could be in California, Florida, Georgia or Mexico.


Joshua Moniz is wanted for alleged aggravated child molestation in Haysville, Kansas. He was last seen in Salt Lake City, Utah and may be sporting a beard.


Torin and Rena Smith are a husband and wife on the run. He is a pedophile who worked in his church along with Rena. On the outside, they were a loving family, but they were anything but. Their daughter Sarah claimed that she was sexually abused by her father and came forward to report him.

Before long, word got out and more claims of sexual abuse came to light from other young women, including a family friend named Jennifer. She kept quiet out of fear for her safety and because he was a pillar in the community.

Authorities went to question the Smiths and found out the other daughters were also abused. Both Rena and Torin turned themselves in after warrants were obtained for their arrests. However, they both skipped town after the fact.

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Torin and Rena have been on the run since 2019. He is six foot two, has blue eyes, is missing part of his middle finger and talks with a stutter. She also has blue eyes, is five foot three and about 140 lbs. They are 59 and 54, respectively. It is possible he used his computer skills to create fake IDs and transfer money into bitcoin. They could also be living off the grid or involved in religious communities around the world.


Sixteen-year-old. Jeremy Alexander Vasquez was last seen on February 20, 2020. He left his home and has not been seen since. He is six feet tall, 140 lbs with curly hair that is shaved in the back and sides.



In April 2020, the LAPD received a call about sexual abuse inside of the home of young children. Maya and Carmen, (not their real named) were the daughters of a woman named Liliana, who lived with her mom Garcelle and a man named Dublas Gonzalez. He would horrifically abuse the girls sexually, causing them to have fear and anxiety no child should ever have to face.

The girls were interviewed and examined, giving authorities absolute proof of the horrific abuse these girls faced. Out of respect for them, it will not be revealed in the recap.

Liliana shares her story with Callahan. Garcelle and Dublas met at church and were married fairly quickly. She initially thought it was so he could get citizenship, but would soon realize what a monster he was….sharing that she was also abused. Her mother told her she was lying, so Liliana moved out and told her boyfriend what happened. He wanted to press charges, but Liliana was too afraid and was blackmailed by her mother to not say anything.

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Liliana’s sister Talia got wind of what was happening and looked into Dublas’s past. She saw that he was a preacher and believes that he used this to gain the trust of the most vulnerable. She believes there are more victims.

Lilana feared that Dublas returned to her home and called the police.

Garcelle was questioned, but only told authorities that he was in San Franscisco visiting family. They are not sure if she is protecting him and if so, if she is doing it out of fear. They also believe she could be protecting him and mesmerized by her love for him.

Authorities also believe there could be more victims out there, but as of now, nothing could be proven. He goes after helpless children and invests himself in families so he can groom his victims.

Dublas is in his forties, five foot five and 155 lbs. He may be seeking employment as a pastor, piano teacher or musician, possibly in a church. He could be in El Salvador or Northern California.



Antwan Franklin is wanted on capital murder charges by the Dallas Police Department. He cut off his ankle monitor and fled in June 2023.



Gracyn Drolet was allegedly kidnapped on January 18th, 2023 by her mother Kimberly Davidson Drolet. They may have a miniature dachshund named Sammy in their possession. Gracyn is five-years-old with sandy blond hair, and may go by Peppa or a different name.




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