Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 12/14/2023

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Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 12/14/2023

-After Chef Ramsay and the cooks get into a food fight with an astronaut, we get into the blind taste test.

-It is red team vs blue team. If they guess correctly, they get a point, if not, they are doused in various foods.

-It is neck and neck the entire time, but in the end, the blue team wins a shopping spree to Sur la Table. The red team has to clean up.

-It is sweet of Jonathan to get his daughter a gift too.

-Dinner service time. As always, they are serving celebrities (Greg Germann and Rosanna Arquette) and making a full three course meal.

-The red team seems to have a strong start, while the blue team has a hard time communicating.

The red team ends up with a kitchen fire but are able to keep things under control.

-Is Jason seriously throwing Chef Christina under the bus due to his own incompetence?

-So, Chef Christina explained how to incorporate the egg whites into the mix, but Jason wasn’t listening and got it wrong.

-The red team falls apart due to Carmen not being able to properly delegate and Donya struggling with her work.

-Neither team wins the service and each need to pick someone to be in the bottom two.

-Donya and Jason are in the bottom two. They each give reasons as to why they should stay, but in the end, it is Donya who goes home….because he feels like she is not ready to be his head chef.

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-More next week, stay tuned!

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