Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/12/2023

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 10/12/2023

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/12/2023

-The teams seem to be bonding with the guys letting go of the drama and the ladies bonding over Raneisha falling off her chair. She quips that she is going to become a meme.

-There is a ceremony for people who have become American citizens. Claudia remembers when she became a citizen and Ryan looks forward to the day that he becomes one himself.

-They need to make classic American dishes for the newly minted citizens. There will be crab cakes to share and a choice of fried chicken and waffles, steak with eggs and a Denver omelet.

-The red team tries to serve raw chicken, which earns them a tongue lashing from Chef Ramsay. They continue to annoy him by not giving him a straight answer as to when the food will be ready.

-Mattias tries to serve cold steak, but he quickly rebounds from his mistake.

-The blue team wins because the red team falls behind. Raneshia is not happy and calls her teammate out for making excuses for their mistakes.

-The blue team get a pool party and meal at the Godfrey Hotel.

-The red team has to clean up the kitchen….including all the little pieces of confetti. They are told that if any piece is found not picked up, a bag will be spilled out.

-Melissa decides to stay with her team and not use her punishment pass.

-One piece of confetti is found, which Melissa claims is tape. She is caught lying, so there is a bag dumped. Everyone shames her, making her realize that it is everyone for themselves.

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-The second dinner service begins with a ton of celebrities in the dining room.

-Claudia is inexperienced with cooking lobster and struggles in the beginning. She finally gets it right and it is delicious.

-Mattias causes a kitchen fire, which Chef Ramsay must put out. This leaves Mattias frustrated and worried that Chef Ramsay is going to look at him negatively.

-The chicken is pink, which further frustrates Chef Ramsay. Mattias continues to get agitated, so Johnathan coaches him through his cooking.

-Devon ends up flirting with one of the guests.

-The blue team continues to annoy Chef Ramsay with their chicken, but finally get things together.

-Raneisha and Carmen butt heads over how they are running things, while Chef Ramsay gets upset over their raw food.

-Brad finishes his work, so he tries to help everyone else, only to get in the way.

-The beef Wellington is a mess for the blue team…..causing them to get kicked out of the kitchen.

-The red team is told to shape up or ship out. Raneisha tries to make another steak, but it is also raw so they get kicked out of the kitchen.

-Mattias knows that he deserves to be in the bottom two, but Johnathan thinks they should all take responsibility for their actions.

-The women keep fighting over who should be in the bottom two, causing Carmen to tell them to all shut up.

-Mattias, Brad, Donya and Claudia are all in the bottom four. They each state their cases as to why they should stay…with Donya saying Carmen should be there in her place.

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-Donya and Brad are safe, with Claudia going home. Mattias is given one more chance to prove himself.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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