Bachelor in Paradise Snark and Highlights for 10/5/2023

Bachelor in Paradise Snark and Highlights for 10/5/2023

Bachelor in Paradise Snark and Highlights for 10/5/2023

-Aven arrives and talks to both Kylee and Olivia about their dates….keeping the rivalry alive.

-Kylee ends up getting the date with him. Olivia is not happy with this turn of events and neither is Will.

-Before she leaves on the date, Kylee talks to Will in order to put his mind at ease…or make herself feel less guilty…I don’t know. She seems happy that she went from never having a one on one while on the show to having two in a row.

-Aven and Kylee enjoy champagne on a boat.

-Will talks to the guys about Kylee going on a date with Aven. Aaron S thinks his chances with her are now slim to none.

-Aven and Kylee make out and she squeals over how wonderful it was….saying that he is her man now.

-Blake and Jess bond over their favorite swear words.

-Kat with a K and Brayden are also a couple….for now.

-Everyone else seems to just be mingling and bonding, hoping to couple up.

-Aaron B seems to be going back and forth with Mercedes and Eliza. However, Eliza has no idea that Aaron B kissed Mercedes, so Rachel wants to tell her so she doesn’t get hurt.

-Eliza is not happy when she finds out about the love triangle and leaves in tears.

-Aaron B and Eliza talk and are able to work things out.

-Hannah Brown arrives amid all the drama. However, she is not there to find love since she is actually in a relationship (and recently got engaged), but to talk to everyone and give out a date card.

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-Everyone is freaking out over her arrival, but it turns out that she is inviting them to a bonfire that night….after she gets them talking, of course.

-Comparing Hannah to Taylor Swift made me laugh more than it should have.

-At the bonfire, people asks questions about what everyone is looking for and who they want to date, leading to a lot of major drama.

-The whole thing leads to a lot of hurt feelings…..especially between Olivia and Kylee.

-Sean and Rachel bond and make out.

-Kylee lets Will know that she is going to be with Aven now, leaving him heartbroken.

-The breakup becomes the talk of the beach…with Olivia letting it be known that Aven wanting to give her a chance if given the opportunity is karma.

-Will and Mercedes end up hooking up.

-Peter makes his rounds as he decides who should get his rose….and I don’t even remember him entering the beach. He gives many of the girls hope….and refers to himself as the Bachelor of BIP.

-Peter seems to be rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, especially Sean and Aaron S… the point where he almost ends up fighting Aaron S.

Rose Ceremony!!

  • Kat with a K gets Brayden’s rose
  • Jess gets Blake’s rose
  • Eliza gets Aaron B’s rose
  • Mercedes gets Will‘s rose
  • Rachel gets Sean’s rose
  • Kylee gets Aven’s rose
  • Sam gets Aaron S’s rose
  • Olivia gets Peter’s rose

Brooklyn, Cat with a C and Greer all go home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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