Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/5/2023

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Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/5/2023

-Today’s challenge is working with live scallops.

-There will be a punishment pass that can save someone on the losing team.

-Everyone has to dig into a box of live fish to get the scallops…which is gross.

-Matthias keeps messing up, but finally gets it out of the shell properly.

-This goes by way too fast to make heads or tails of….but before long it is finished and each team tastes each other’s dishes.

-Sammi, Leigh and Melissa have the top dishes, with Melissa winning the punishment pass for the women.

-Jermaine, Johnathan and Ryan are the top cooks on the men’s team, with Johnathan winning.

-Everyone gets new knife sets. Jason makes an off-color joke and upsets the men. He also trash talks the women, which does NOT make him any friends.

-Time to prepare for the dinner service! Martina McBride and Oscar de la Hoya are in the restaurant to taste the food for the red and blue teams, respectively.

-The blue team keeps trying to serve up raw lobster, which was Jason’s responsibility. Chef Ramsay is not happy.

-Carmen is falling behind on the fish station.

-The red team has trouble communicating, causing a lot of tension in the kitchen and with Chef Ramsay.

-The blue team is not communicating at all, really sending Chef Ramsay into a tizzy. Things get worse when the food is once again undercooked.

-The red team forget to put the chicken in the oven, so they are even further behind.

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-The blue team continues to mess up so badly they get kicked out of the kitchen. They must pick two people to be in the bottom two. The red team is not too far behind….but they also get in trouble for giggling.

-The women argue over who should take the blame for the kitchen service. The blue team is also arguing, with Ryan so upset that he doesn’t even want to look at anyone. They are also upset that Jason won’t take responsibility for his mistakes.

-The blue team nominates Tad and Brad as their bottom two cooks.

-The red team nominates Atoye and Sandra because of their bad communication.

-All four are called to the front of the room and plead their cases as to why they should stay.

-In the end, it is Tad that is going home.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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