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Next Level Chef Recap for 2/1/2024HELL'S KITCHEN: Chef/host Gordon Ramsay in the “What the Hell” Part One of the two-hour season finale airing Monday, Sept. 13 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC.

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 9/28/2023

-Hell’s Kitchen is back and we not only have past contestants, but we also have Oscar de la Hoya, Martina McBride, Dia Simms and Chef Gordon Ramsay, all of whom represent the American Dream.

-They all talk about the American Dream and how they got to where they are, inspiring the contestants.

-This season’s winner will be the head chef for Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurant.

-After a montage of scenes for the upcoming season, we get down to business. Everyone makes their signature dish to present to the judges. The men and women are divided into two teams.

-Melissa: Her lamb with sweet potatoes and Swiss chard is delicious and gets four points.

-Jason: His citrus roasted lobster is well-cooked, but sweet. Three points.

-Raneshia: Her shrimp and grits are a tad overcooked. Three points.

-Ryan: His veal tenderloin with au jus gravy is only missing one thing….nothing. It is a five!

-Carmen: Her duck is delicious and did her heritage proud. Four points.

-Dehmere: His lobster and pasta dish is bland and made from boxed pasta. One point.

-Sammi: Her fresh linguini and clam dish is WOW. Five points.

-Devon: His smoked pork tenderloin is too sweet. Three points.

-Claudia: Her dish is overcooked. Two points.

-Jonathan: His biscuits and gravy are a complete mess. One point.

-Leigh: Her Asian salmon is flavorful, but overcooked. Three points.

-Jermaine: His lobster mac and cheese is delicious. Four points.

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-Sandra: Her vegan scallops (mushrooms) are undercooked. Two points.

-Brad: His veal is delicious. Four points.

-Donya: Her fish and grits are a bit undercooked. Four points.

-Mattias: His filet mignon and potatoes is seared properly, but there are burnt pieces on there. Three points.


-The teams are tied. Sammi and Ryan are the top dishes of the night….with Sammi giving the women the win. They have drinks with Chef Ramsay and they guys have to deal with clean up and deliveries.


-Despite their bad luck, the guys bond. However, they also trash talk each other, making it seem like there might be drama in the air.

-Melissa tells Jason that he needs to cool it with his attitude, leaving him confused.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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