Girl in the Video: Meet Andrew Lee Potts

Girl in the Video: Meet Andrew Lee Potts

Girl in the Video: Meet Andrew Lee Potts

Tell us about Girl in the Video?

Girl in the Video in a nutshell is every parents worst nightmare. The story of a young girl mistakenly getting herself involved with the very abusive psychotic narcissist Jack, who intends on financially benefitting from her misery. To have your child kidnapped is hideous enough but then for that child to be subjected to the emotional and physical pain that my character Jack puts her through, would be too much for any mother to bear. This is the story of a family who will stop at nothing to get their little girl back.

How would you describe your character?

Jack is a deeply troubled, confused, dark individual. After his relationship with his own daughter breaks down, Jack finds himself on a twisted path to take his anger and lack of control out on someone else’s loved one. Jack is a weak man but finds some kind of deluded power from holding young Krissy hostage in his basement. As his false confidence grows with the support he’s receiving on the dark web, Jack falls down a rabbit hole of abuse from which he can never return.

How did you prepare for it?

I don’t think you can prepare really for a role like this. Being a father myself roles like this can be difficult to play. I focused on the narcissistic side of him and the lack of empathy. Myself and Tia worked closely with the intimacy coach to get the physicality correct, so everyone was comfortable. Other than that you just instinctively go off your surroundings and what the other actor is giving you.

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What were some of the biggest challenges of playing your character?

If I’m totally honest I have many scenes under a balaclava before my face is revealed. Possibly some of the hardest part of the performance was to express what he was feeling just through my eyes.

What was it like working with such a diverse cast/crew?

I think the cast and crew on this job was an absolute pleasure. One of my favourite things about acting is the fact that you get to meet and work with so many different types of brilliant minds. Despite how dark the story was there was a lot of smiles on set and a great sense of team work. I think we all made something to be proud of.

What were some of your favorite memories of filming?

I really loved working with Neil the director and of course Tia who gave such a mature performance at such a young age. It felt very collaborative and that’s the kind of work I like to be involved in.

What is one scene you most look forward to people seeing? 

The climax of the story… I won’t give anything away.

What’s next for you?

Lots I hope 😉 As for acting, I have a few interesting films coming out in 2024 and have already begun filming and prepping for a few others. It looks to be a busy year fingers crossed. But what I’m most excited about is the upcoming release of my debut feature film as Director, ‘Firecracker’ starring Nick Moran, Jason Flemyng and Katie Sheridan. It’s an independent film that has amazingly been picked up by a big American distributor for which I am very grateful. Watch this space…

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Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

Err… I play the drums and guitar and I’m a bit of a connoisseur at DIY.

What are you watching these days?

The last series I watched and really enjoyed was Berlin on Netflix, the spin off show from Money Heist. Its fantastic, highly recommend. But mostly I watch my 7 year old son showing off his beat boxing on a daily basis. He’s super cool.

Anything else you want to share?

Just that I hope people enjoy Girl in the Video and as nasty as I seem as Jack, I’m actually a really nice person… I promise (well at least my mum thinks so).

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