ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 9/7/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 9/7/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 9/7/2022

  • Two challenges=Double elimination!


  • The first challenge is to make a Baked Alaska. I think I only tried it once, but it looks delightful.


  • I guess they can do their own versions? Shanika is adding lemon and basil flavor to hers, while Emily is using chocolate cake and goat cheese in hers….interesting.


  • Shanika seems to be falling behind. The judges yelling at her to hurry must be stressing her out to no end.


  • Dara has experience in making this dessert, but she still realizes things can go wrong. She is very strong and realistic with this challenge.


  • Michael runs out of meringue, so he tries to make do with that he has…..despite not using the proper technique.


  • Dara’s peach melba Baked Alaska with vanilla cake and peach ice cream is delicate, soft and delicious. The sponge cake is a bit heavy, but the rest of it hit the jackpot.


  • Shanika’s strawberry lemon basil Baked Alaska has a bit of a dense cake, but the flavors work well together.


  • Christian’s praline and bourbon Baked Alaska was delicious in flavor, but the cake was too dry.
  • Emily’s goat cheese, cherry and chocolate Baked Alaska is melting all over the place and falls apart, but the flavors work well together.


  • Michael’s banana’s foster Baked Alaska was not what the judges wanted.


  • Dara and Christian were the stars of the night. They are safe, as is Shanika.


  • Michael and Emily are in the bottom two, with Emily being eliminated.


  • Challenge two consists of the final four cook lobster tortellini–at the same time as Chef Gordon Ramsay.


  • This dish looks so amazing.


  • Michael and Shanika seem to be falling behind, but Christian and Dara seem to be staying calm.


  • Michael seems to be getting flustered and messing up his pasta.


  • Shanika is panicking as she tries to cut her own pasta.


  • Christian comparing putting the tortellini to a TikTok dance cracks me up.


  • Michael’s dish needs more filling and seasoning.


  • Shanika’s dish is over seasoned and  dry.


  • Dara’s dish is on par with Chef Gordon Ramsay’s.


  • Christian’s dish is overstuffed, but is still tasty—despite needing more salt.


  • Dara is the first to make it into the finale….and made history by being the youngest ever to make it into the Masterchef finale.


  • Christian is called safe next.


  • Michael and Shanika are in the bottom two, with Shanika being eliminated.


  • Shanika is a class act in how she congratulated and hugged Michael.


  • Hour two!


  • The finale has begun!


  • Seeing everyone’s families is so sweet.


  • Each one will have to make a special three course meal.


  • It is amazing how they can come up with such intricate ideas so quickly.


  • Poor Dara’s sauce broke and she doesn’t have time to start over. She is panicking, but trying to get things done.


  • Michael’s appetizer: cold smoked trout–it looks restaurant worthy, but it needs more salt and the bloodline is still there.
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  • Dara’s appetizer: crispy skin red snapper–the fish is good, but the sauce is a mixed bag with the judges.


  • Christian’s appetizer: fried green tomato with fish and caviar–it is delicious and magical.


  • Graham Elliot is in the house! WOOT WOOT!


  • I assume Graham is judging the entree round.


  • Again, how do they come up with these dish ideas so quickly?


  • Every dish sounds amazing, but Christian’s filet mignon and crab cake would be my first choice to eat.


  • Everyone seems to be doing well, despite being so nervous.


  • Finale next week, stay tuned!



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