ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 8/24/2022

Masterchef Back To Win Sneak Peek

MASTERCHEF: Gordon Ramsay in the “Gas Station Gourmet” episode airing Wednesday, Aug 24 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 8/24/2022

  • A gas station cooking challenge…..I never would have thought of this! Not going to lie, Sheetz and Wawa has some pretty good gas station food.
  • Oh, they are taking the snacks and using them as ingredients. Chef Gordon Ramsay demonstrates how to make a fish crust with pretzels and potato chips. I actually already do this by using chips and pretzels in my meatballs and meatloaf. It gives it an extra kick.
  • The spicy chip cod sound like something my brother-in-law would love.
  • Seeing Shanika honor her mom today really warmed my heart.
  • The chocolate lava cake Michael is making sounds delightful.
  • Thanks to Christian, I now want gummy bears.
  • Seeing Michael struggle is really breaking my heart.
  • Brandi’s flavors with the sodas, cheese puffs and fruity cereal sounds completely random, but I have a feeling she will get it to work.
  • How did Michael turn off the oven? How is he going to fix this?
  • I was so afraid Shanika wouldn’t finish plating.
  • The judges going around and tasting each dish makes me nervous.

Top 3:

  • Bowen–Onion puffs, soda and chips were used to make a pork cordon bleu dish. It was good, but a bit too sweet.
  • Christian–Corn chips, gummy bears and beer were used to make a snapper. It is delicious in a weird kind of way.
  • Shanika–Corn chips, ranch chips and lemon lime soda were used to make her mom’s snapper dish. It is one of her best dishes to date.
  • Christian wins immunity….and so does Shanika!
  • As an aside, this challenge reminds me of the food truck episode of Psych when Lassiter became a daddy. (Is that Mauricio in there?)
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Bottom 3:

  • Willie–He used beer, sunflower seeds and cheese puffs to make chicken pot pie. The snacks were not highlighted and the dish itself was too rich.
  • Brandi–She used lemon lime soda, cola, cheese puffs and fruity cereal to make fruity crema and a cheese puff arepa. It tastes like a hockey puff and none of the ingredients can be tasted.
  • Michael–He used chocolate, pretzels and potato chips to make a fondant cake. The flavors are all there, but the dish was poorly executed.
  • Michael is safe.
  • Brandi is eliminated.

Hour Two!

  • There will no longer be an immunity pin. However, there will be a different advantage for the winner.
  • Gerron, who won season nine, is back! He is teaching cooking classes, working on a cookbook and even opened a restaurant.
  • The remaining contestants have chile peppers in their mystery boxes. They will have to use them to make a spicy dish that will appeal to Gerron.
  • Dara honoring her father makes my heart happy, but it breaks my heart that she lost him at such a young age.
  • I’m with Emily here–I am not a fan of spicy foods (I can take it or leave it, but too much spice makes me sick) so this would not be a fun challenge for me.
  • Hot Tamale Train gives me SYTYCD Mary Murphy flashbacks.
  • It never ceases to amaze me that these people wait until the last minute to plate.


  • Amanda–Her eggplant dish is a huge hit.
  • Derrick–His churro dish is delicious, but is missing some elements to make it next level. The churros are also not cooked properly.
  • Willie–His crawfish and shrimp dish is well received by the judges.
  • Bowen–His seafood stuffed pepper is a mess.
  • Michael–His spice rubbed hanger steak is a top notch dish.
  • Dara–Her potato and pea samosa is delicious, but the dough/filling ratio is a bit off.
  • Emily–her shrimp dish is well-seasoned.
  • Amanda and Emily are the top two cooks of the night, with Emily winning the night.
  • Emily will now get a huge advantage in the next episode.
  • Derrick and Bowen are in the bottom two, with Bowen going home.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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