ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 8/31/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 8/31/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 8/31/2022

  • It is the WALL CHALLENGE!
  • Even the coming attractions are stressing me out, I cannot imagine what the rest of the episode will be like!
  • They will cook on opposite sides of the wall. Their dishes must be identical and they can only communicate by talking to each other–not seeing each other.
  • Emily won the last challenge, so she gets to pick the teams.
  • The teams: Emily and Michael, Derrick and Amanda, Dara and Shankia and Willie and Christian.
  • Willie really let Emily know he is not here to play and he has already worked WELL with Christian.
  • They all have one hour to cook three dishes each. They all must look and taste identical.
  • There will be a double elimination at the end of this challenge.
  • They only have five minutes to plan and get ingredients….that is crazy.
  • This is such an unintentionally hilarious challenge with all the communication, throwing of food and confusion.
  • Shanika said it was a mistake to put her with Dara…but they seem to be working well together? I am confused.
  • Slicing the meat was a bad, bad, idea. This is going to ruin the dish and potentially send them home.
  • This whole challenge is leaving me all sorts of confused with all the yelling.
  • I just want to hug Dara. I feel her anxiety and hope she knows how awesome she is.
  • Christian and Willie: Cajun blackened pork chops with Swiss chard and potatoes. They are identical except for the plates. However, the dishes are both delicious.
  • Shankia and Dara: The dishes are not up to par, nor are they identical. They have blackened trout with a side of veggies. The dish is a mess, save for the trout.
  • Emily and Michael: The dishes don’t look quite identical. The crispy skin salmon and sides have too much of a creamy taste and Michael’s salmon is a bit overcooked.
  • Derrick and Amanda: Their crispy skin duck has the wrong color of sauce, making it look like the duck is bleeding. The sauce tastes like cough syrup and uninteresting.
  • Shanika may get annoyed with Dara, but it is obvious she loves her like a sister and encourages her so much.
  • Christian and Willie win for the night.
  • Emily and Michael are safe.
  • Shanika and Dara are safe.
  • Derrick and Amanda are eliminated.
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay telling Amanda she is good enough and Derrick to continue is amazing and shows how much love he has in his heart.
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Hour 2!!


  • It is a restaurant challenge with Wolfgang Puck–who will be tasting versions of his own dishes.
  • Red team: Christian, Dara and Emily.
  • Blue team: Willie, Michael and Shanika.
  • Christian is so sweet to Dara.
  • Appetizer round consists of sea bass and scallops.
  • There is a lot of chaos in the kitchen, with everyone freaking out.
  • Willie seems to be in his own world, not really listening or paying attention to his team.
  • Dara puts a frozen sea bass on a plate….which Chef Gordon Ramsay tosses across the room.
  • Willie seems to have problems communicating and it is causing a lot of problems for his team.
  • Despite their problems, the blue team is coming through on the appetizers and getting rave reviews.
  • Someone got a raw veal chop and is PISSED and understandably so!
  • How is everyone serving raw veal chops?
  • Blue team seems to be catching up and doing well, despite serving the raw veal initially.
  • Red team is really struggling with getting food plated and on the table.
  • Dara is getting stressed about Christian not getting food cooked in a timely fashion.
  • Duck walking! Why did this make me laugh so hard?
  • Blue team is now struggling and seem to be giving up on each other.
  • The winning team is—the RED TEAM!
  • Willie is eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!




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