The Bachelor Recap for 3/1/21: The Women Tell All

The Bachelor Recap for 3/1/21: The Women Tell All

THE BACHELOR - ÒThe Bachelor: Women Tell AllÓ Ð Fifteen women return to relive the romance and rehash the rivalries from their journeys to find love. Some may seek forgiveness while others take a stand, but everyone will have the opportunity to speak their piece, including the Bachelor himself, Matt James. Among other reunions, Serena P. and Matt will face each other for the first time since her emotional hometown date exit. This pre-taped special takes all the emotion and sprinkles in hilarious bloopers as well as an exclusive sneak peek at the remainder of the season, to create ÒThe Bachelor: Women Tell All,Ó airing MONDAY, MARCH 1 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) SERENA P., ANNA, MJ, MARI, PIEPER, CHELSEA, VICTORIA, SERENA C.

The Bachelor Recap for 3/1/21: The Women Tell All

Tonight is The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode on ABC. Several of the rejected women will show up to discuss their time on the show and reunite with Matt James.


Host Chris Harrison welcomes the girls (but doesn’t introduce all of them) and gives us a look at some of the highlights of the season. However, it focuses mostly on the fighting and drama.


Jessenia talks about the fight with MJ, who doubles down and says she owned her actions. She says she has a strong personality….but she is not mean. Mari agrees since she was MJ’s roommate and spent a lot of time with her.


Ryan discusses that being one of the new girls was uncomfortable, especially when it came to dealing with Victoria.


Victoria, for her part, makes it all about her and says she was bullied a lot more than Ryan. She accuses Ryan of being too sensitive, which does not sit well with her, or Kit, who defends Ryan.



Katie says they all said things that caused drama, which took away from all the great girls in the house. She says karma will come, which upsets Chelsea, who attacks her. This causes an argument between them and somehow Katie is blamed for everything that went on with the bullying and toxic moments.


Brittany is called to the hot seat. We see her journey, including the rumors about her being an escort. She talks about how hard everything was when she went home and the ramifications the rumors have had on her life.

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Anna apologizes to Brittany, but Brittany says that she finds it hard to believe since she never apologized to her before this moment. Anna says she was insecure and lashed out, but nothing can justify her actions.


Brittany says that she can accept the apology and that she hopes people who saw this realize how words can hurt people. She adds that she hopes nobody attacks Anna, because that isn’t right either. #ClassAct


We then see a few of the dates that for some reason never made it to air. One is digging a ring out of boxes filled with creepy crawlies and another one was a beer chugging, pancake eating race. There was also a hide and seek date, which took place in the woods and resulted in Kit getting lost.


After a few more funny moments, Katie takes the hot seat. We get a look at her journey on the show and then she talks about how she is a lot to handle, but Matt accepted it. However, she didn’t pay attention to the other relationships in the house. Chris appreciates her for always being herself.


We then get a loko at Abigail’s journey as she goes into the hot seat. She says she has a lot of questions for him and she was on her way to falling in love with him. She is also glad she was able to bring awareness to the deaf/Deaf community.


Pieper is now in the hot seat and admits she was so focused on the relationship that she didn’t think of the other women. However, she is glad she was able to have the experience, even though she got hurt.

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Serena P discusses her self elimination. She says talking to her mom is what actually brought her clarity in the situation. However, she admits she cares about Matt and is sorry she hurt him.


Matt comes into the room next and talks to Chris about his time on the show, as well as some of the biggest moments. The girls agree it was emotional to be on the show and they might not have been acting at their best. Victoria turns everything back to her in tears because of course she does. However, Matt says she is a good person.


Everyone seems to have a good opinion of Matt and it seems as if the feeling is mutual.


The episode ends with bloopers and a preview of next week’s episode. Stay tuned.


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