The Bachelorette Snark and Highlights for 7/24/2023

The Bachelorette Snark and Highlights for 7/24/2023

The Bachelorette Snark and Highlights for 7/24/2023

-This week, we are in New Orleans to determine who will make it to the final four….and Hometown Week.

-Everyone is on edge, especially Charity, who is worried about making the right decisions.

-The guys all go out together for drinks…..and have bro time. It is actually very sweet.

-Charity joins them for a quick drink and then takes Joey on a horse and carriage ride date.

-Tanner is a bit jealous because he has yet to get a one on one. He is also worried about introducing Charity to his family because he hasn’t had much time with her yet.

-Joey and Charity get a street reading, explore the city, listen to music, dance and eat. They also kiss and do some sort of thing where some dude writes a poem about them. Seriously….yeah, I don’t know.

-At dinner, the two of them talk about where they stand and his family. Basically, they are into each other and his family wants to see him happy. The conversation also gets a bit deeper, making the both of them tear up.

-He gets a rose, they kiss and he admits that he is falling in love.

-Sean and Tanner have the 2 on 1 date, which means more likely than not, one goes home and one stays. Both of them are very upset over this turn of events.

-Sean is especially upset and goes out for air. Tanner tries to calm him down.

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-On the date, the three of them go on a safari, which looks like a blast. Sean and Charity seem to hit it off, making Tanner jealous.

-At the dinner, they toast and then Charity spends one on one time with both of them.

-Dotun gets the next one on one. Aaron is not happy with this. Dotun himself is asleep, so I don’t know if he even knows he has the date?

-Back to the 2 on 1. Charity isn’t sure what to do, so nobody gets a rose. They both end up going back to the hotel until the rose ceremony. Sean is upset over it and begins to question everything. Tanner tries to calm him down again.

-My guess is that Xavier and Aaron get the second 2 on 1?

-Dotun and Charity do a run together, all dressed up in costumes.

-Sean is still insecure and will tell anyone who will listen.

-After the run, Dotun and Charity spend quality time together at dinner. They do the usual talk about his family, the future and life before he gets a rose. They seal it with a kiss.

-Plot twist! It is a group date with all the remaining guys! I did not see that coming at all.

-Poor Sean is still agitated over this and very confused. He goes to talk things over with Charity, but ends up getting sent home.

-Group date time. Two guys will get roses, but not before they get one on one time with Charity.

-Xavier wants to fall in love with her….and tells her he needs clarity. He more or less pulls a Brayden with where he stands and I am confused as to what he is even saying…..I guess he wants to get there but isn’t yet?

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-Charity goes to Tanner’s room and sends him home. It is actually quite sad because he seemed really into her and wanting to work things out. On the upside, it looks like this is his Bachelor edit. He handled it all with class and grace.

-Xavier gets the final rose of the night.

-Also, where the heck was Jesse tonight?

-Hometowns next week, stay tuned.

-Also, Trent the Luggage Dude for next Bachelor! He is sexy and hilarious. Jesse’s Inspector Gadget call to him cracked me up as well.


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