Four Facts About Deborah Kampmeier

Four Facts About Deborah Kampmeier

Deborah Kampmeier is a multitalented woman who helps share her gift with the world through writing, directing and producing. She has worked on everything from Queen Sugar to Star Trek: Picard and did many other projects in between.

Most recently, she worked on Outer Range and The Gilded Age, once again sharing her directorial talent.

To celebrate, she sat down with TVGrapevine to talk about the shows, her life and a fun, unexpected fact about herself. Check out the highlights below.


Deborah gushed over how ‘beautiful and grounded’ the show is as a whole and says that it was an incredible experience. She thought the landscape was beautiful and loved coming to work and experiencing it during the shoot. She shared that it was wild and ‘lent itself perfectly to the shoot.’

The landscape, while gorgeous, also allowed for one of her favorite scenes to come into play. The horseback riding scene in episode five holds a special place in her heart….and you will have to tune in to see why she loves it so much!

Deborah also loved working with everyone involved on the show. She had nothing but good things to say about the cast and crew, saying that it was an honor to work with everyone.

That being said, the job wasn’t without challenges! While she loved the gorgeous landscape, the weather sometimes put a damper on it…and shooting! She recalls one time when it began hailing and storming so badly that they had to change locations for the shoot and move indoors!

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Deborah’s current project is The Gilded Age. The show is currently shooting its third season and promises to come back better than ever.

She worked on two episodes of season two and loved every minute of the experience. Much like her experience on Outer Range, she gushed over her coworkers, saying nothing but lovely things about all of them.

As for the show itself, she enjoys all the twists and turns it brings and loves stepping into these new worlds.


Deborah shared a very fun, surprising fact about herself during our chat. She revealed that she went to the prom with none other than the legendary RuPaul! The two met  through mutual band buddies and became friends.

To make this fact even cooler? She had her prom dress custom made using her grandma’s tablecloth!


Deborah’s top shows of the moment: Fleabag (adores it!) House of Dragons (Huge fan!) and Fallout (loves it!)

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