The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/26/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/26/2024

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap for 5/26/2024

-Melissa teaching  Antonia how to do laundry is wonderful, but I am surprised she didn’t already know? I knew how to do laundry at, like, ten.

-Margaret’s burger and onion rings look so delicious….especially with the extra pickles.

-It is surprising Jackie never sent Margaret a copy of her book and kind of ghosted her.

-Hearing about Jan’s blood clot which led to his death completely breaks my heart.

-No matter what happened with them, it is obvious that Margaret loved Jan very much. My heart breaks for her as she approaches the anniversary of his death.

-Jen and Rachel’s drama is so high school. I get feeling bad that someone is friends with your enemy, but you really cannot stop people from being friends.

-That kissy attack scene was…….a choice.

-This dog party looks like fun, but I would be worried about the dogs getting along.

-Who is Lina and why would Danielle kick her out an event after she had her do her hair?

-I am with Dolores here….Teresa and Jackie went from hating each other to loving each other….it is so confusing.

-The women are so petty over who they like, who they want at events….it is like being in seventh grade again.

-Dolores is right, there is no reason to bring drama to the charity event and the guys should be able to remain civil.

-Seeing Antonia move into college is sweet, but Joey is being so annoying over the fact that her dorm is co-ed. What did he expect?

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-Joey and Melissa crying is making me cry…and so are this montage of her childhood.

-I feel bad that Danielle doesn’t have her family to support her during Fashion Week.

-This charity baseball event is always my favorite part of the season. There are 4,000 people coming to the event and $125,000 raised….that is amazing!

-I’m friends with everyone but you…..this episode is FILLED with high school flashbacks.

-The fact that Danielle, Jackie and Margaret can’t even put their differences aside for a couple of hours for Dolores is disgusting.

-What does Jackie’s book have to do with anything? Did Margaret introduce her to the publisher or something? I am so confused.

-I had no idea Dolores was friends with Guerdy from Miami. It is so sweet she is doing this event in her honor.

-Rachel’s arthritis flare up is so relatable….as someone who is in constant pain, I understand how she feels.

-Ladies, let this drama GO! Sheesh.

-Dolores was able to raise over $200,000 for the charity….I am so happy for her.

-More next week, stay tunrf.

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