Five Facts About Tedra Rogers

Five Facts About Tedra Rogers

Five Facts About Tedra Rogers

Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story is one of the latest movies to hit Lifetime. Based on a true story, the movie delves into the life of victims who were victims of Larry Ray, a man who pulled unsuspecting young women into his web of lies, deceit and abuse at Sarah Lawrence College.

Tedra Rogers, who played Claudia in the movie, recently talked to TVGrapevine about the role, her life and more! Check out some of the highlights below.



During the interview, she described Claudia as a young woman who wanted what all people want when they go away to college: to learn about themselves, start a new chapter of their lives and become the adults they were meant to be.

During this time, she meets Larry Ray, who is the father of one of her best friends. She begins to get to know him and trust him, not knowing that this would cause her life to take a very dark and dangerous turn.



As she delved deeper into the role, she got to get a feel of what Claudia’s life was like during this horrific time. She saw a young woman who faced horror and terror, but also had the strength to overcome it all by finally testifying against Larry Ray, bringing him to justice.

Tedra was amazed by her strength, which allowed her to see her own inner strength, seeing her as an inspiration. In fact, there are some scenes she looks forward to people seeing that relate to this statement, but you will need to tune in to see what they are!

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Tedra admits that she didn’t have a ton of time to prepare for the role, but she is thrilled with the opportunity to play Claudia and loved every minute of being on set.

She also had nothing but good things to say about her co-stars, which included Billy Zane as the titular character. Tedra loved working with all of them and said that they became like a family during filming. While it was a tough movie to film, she said that they were all able to bond and work together as team from start to finish.



That is the million dollar question! Tedra admits that she does have several projects on the docket, but you will need to tune in to see what they are, as she isn’t able to reveal anything just yet. She is also working on writing and directing her own work, which she promises will be worth the wait!



Tedra LOVES Fiat cars, especially yellow ones! In fact, she loves them SO much that her friends always send her pictures when they see them in the wild. Her dream is to be able to own one of the new electric models someday!


She is also a huge fan of Bridgerton and is thrilled about the new season dropping on Netflix. She looks forward to binge watching it and seeing how the new stories unfold!


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