The Amazing Race Recap for Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

The Amazing Race Recap for Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

The Amazing Race Recap for Those Who Wander Are Not Lost

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Mendellin, Colombia. Ten teams remain and must head to Comuna 13 for their next clue. They all are on parachutes to get to the location, which…..looks fun, but too scary for my liking.

Detour! Once they arrive, they have to either complete Dance Vibe, which has them break dance in sync for 30 seconds or Wall Scribe, which has them look at a mural with clues to find a phrase, which they will then recite.


Ricky and Cesar and Amber and Vinny are the first to arrive and do the wall detour. Juan and Shane, Derek and Shelisa and Rod and Leticia do the dance detour.


Ricky and Cesar get the phrase wrong, but Amber and Vinny get it on the first try…..’the world is smaller than you think.’ They must now head to Plaza Botero for the next clue. Ricky and Cesar get it correct on their next try and follow behind.


Amber and Vinny end up fighting, with her ending up in tears due to the pressure.


Angie and Danny have trouble finding the clue box, despite getting help from Amber and Vinny earlier. However, they end up finding it alongside Kishori and Karishma. The former chooses the wall detour, while the latter choose the dance detour.

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Michelle and Sean also choose the dance detour, while Sunny and Bizzy choose the wall detour.


Shelisa and Derek fight during the dance detour because she can’t learn and teach him at the same time. Leticia and Rod also fight over the detour since she isn’t the best dancer and wishes he would have asked her before choosing said detour.


Juan and Shane pass their detour during the second attempt. Danny and Angie finish the wall detour.


Derek and Shelisa finish after several attempts.


Sunny and Bizzy struggle with coming up with the correct phrase for the wall detour.


One by one, the teams finally finish the detours and head to the roadblock. Despite finishing, Juan and Shane fall behind due to their taxi driver going a different route due to traffic.


The teams head to Plaza Botero to complete the roadblock, which has them locate and mark twelve statues on a map. Amber and Ricky do it for their respective teams.


Sunny and Bizzy continue to struggle and end up switching detours.


Amber finishes the roadblock, followed by Ricky. The two of them race to the Pit Stop at Parques del Rio Medellin…..but not before Amber stops to help Danny with the roadblock.


Ricky and Cesar are the first team to check in and win $2,500 each!


Michelle, Karishma and Yvonne do the roadblock for their own teams.


Danny and Angie finish and also head to the pit stop.

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Michelle struggles and asks Shane and Rod to help her, but no avail.


Amber and Vinny check in, followed by Angie and Danny.


The other teams continue to struggle with their detours and roadblocks. Finally, Shane and Rod both finish, thanks to Rod helping Shane with a mistake he made.


Michelle continues to struggle with the roadblock.


Rod and Leticia and Shane and Juan get to the pit stop, but can’t find Phil. Once they find him, they become the fourth and fifth teams to check in, respectively.


Sunny and Bizzy end up at the roadblock, with the former completing it.

Yvonne and Shelisa also finish the roadblock and head to the pit stop with their partners. They become the sixth and seventh teams to check in.


Sunny finishes the roadblock quickly, making her and Bizzy the eighth team to check in.


Karishma finishes the roadblock after eighteen tries. She and Kishori become the ninth team to check in.


Michelle finally finishes, but she and Sean are the last team to check in and are eliminated…..but they get to double dutch with Phil.


More next week, stay tuned.

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