The Amazing Race Recap for Our Alliance Strikes Again

The Amazing Race Recap for Our Alliance Strikes Again

The Amazing Race Recap for Our Alliance Strikes Again

It is mega leg week on CBS’s The Amazing Race! The teams must complete two detours and two roadblocks in Cordoba, Argentina, starting at Plaza del Bicentenario.

Detour 1! They can either do Bicicleta, which has them crush plastic bottles while riding a stationary bike, or Boleadora, which has them throw and wrap a bola around a moving target. They only have ten attempts on the latter detour before they must start over.

Ricky/Cesar, Juan/Shane, Angie/Danny, Amber/Vinny and Rod/Leticia all choose the second detour.


Sunny/Bizzy and Derek/Shelisa get lost, while Yvonne/Melissa choose to join the others at the same detour.


Danny/Angie choose to change detours, as do Amber/Vinny and Rod/Leticia, while Ricky and Cesar struggle.


Juan/Shane finish and head to Circuito Lobo Race.


Derek/Shelisa and Sunny/Bizzy finally arrive, with the latter choosing the Bicicleta detour and the former choosing to join the Boleadora detour.


Ricky/Cesar finally finish and head to the next destination. One by one, other teams finish their detours and follow. However, Melissa/Yvonne and Derek/Shelisa struggle, with the former finally finishing and the latter choosing to switch detours.


Ricky/Cesar pull ahead and become the first team to complete the roadblock. One team member must memorize a racecar course and ride with a professional driver. Ricky decides to complete it.

Juan/Shane are hot on their heels, with Juan doing the roadblock. He ends up finishing quickly and heads to Estadio Francisco Cabases with Shane.

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Ricky struggles with the roadblock.


Amber/Vinny, Rod/Leticia and Angie/Danny seem to be working together, but it is proving to be a problem since Danny’s navigation skills are causing issues.


Sunny/Bizzy head to the roadblock, where Ricky is still struggling.

Derek and Shelisa work on the other detour.


Angie, Amber and Leticia do the roadblock for their respective teams.


After four tries, Ricky completes the roadblock and heads to the next part of the leg.


Yvonne/Melissa are lost.


The teams at the roadblock struggle, with Angie wanting to take the four-hour penalty due to feeling sick, but Danny tells her they should keep going. Amber finishes and helps Angie and Leticia by giving them the answers needed to complete the roadblock so they can leave together.


Melissa and Sunny also complete the roadblock for their respective teams.


Derek/Shelisa finally arrive at the roadblock, with Derek taking one for the team.


Roadblock 2! One team member must score a goal in a bubble soccer match. Shane completes it quickly and heads to Mirador del Coniferal, followed quickly by Ricky/Cesar.


Detour 2! Who Did It has them look for a fingerprint match with tools in order to identify a suspect. What’s Your Beef has them identify fourteen cuts of beef. Juan/Shane choose the latter.


At the roadblock, Bizzy and Yvonne complete it for their teams.


Ricky/Cesar join Juan/Shane at the detour. Both teams complete it, with Juan/Shane slightly ahead. They must now head to Plaza de San Martin for the pit stop.

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Derek finally finishes the first roadblock. Rod, Amber and Angie work on the second.


Yvonne/Melissa and Sunny/Bizzy team up for the beef detour.

Juan/Shane are team number one and win $5,000 each. Ricky/Cesar are team 2.


Derek completes the second roadblock.


Angie/Danny, Amber/Vinny and Rod/Leticia all team up for the beef detour.  Rod/Leticia finish first and give the other two teams the answers. They are the third (Rod/Leticia), fourth (Amber/Vinny) and fifth (Angie/Danny) teams to arrive.


Despite struggling, Yvonne/Melissa and Sunny/Bizzy complete the detour, becoming the sixth and seventh teams to check in.


Derek/Shelisa finally arrive at the pit stop, only to find out that they were eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned.

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