Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/19/2023

Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/19/2023

Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular Recap for 12/19/2023

The second and last part of Lego Masters Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular has the teams making two new builds. The winner will get money for the charity of their choice and a trophy. Will Arnett hosts, Amy and Jamie judge.


The first challenge is to make snow plows which will need to take down snowballs. The one that takes down the most will get into the top two.


Nene and Caleb make a glam plow with pink, diamonds and bling.


Krystle and Rob make a Rob Riggle build which will feature his face.


Nene and Marshawn have a cute little banter happening.


Kelly and Randall make a 1957 Bel Air Chevy build based on Kelly’s first car.


Marshawn and Dave do shots of maple syrup with Will to honor their Beast Car Build.


Nene seems to really be into not only the build but helping people in her charity.


As always, Will, Amy and Jamie talk to the teams to offer commentary and advice.




Kelly and Randall worry when their plow breaks. They now must work extra hard to finish in time.


The teams all seem to banter while working.


Krystle and Rob are also facing issues.


Kelly made a self portrait Lego!

Before long, it is time for the builds to be judged. Each one is given pros and cons before the snowball competition takes place.

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Nene also made a self portrait build.


After the builds are judged, the snowball competition takes place. It is a close call, but in the end, all the plows fall apart.


Will, Amy and Jamie declare Marshawn and Dave the winners. They are not surprised, and neither is anyone else.


The other team in the top two is…Nene and Caleb.


The winner of the challenge is….Marshawn and Dave, giving Marshawn $10,000 more for his charity Fam 1st Family Foundation.


The second challenge begins with a Holiday Musical with people singing Deck The Halls. This leads to their challenge, which has them building something based on a Christmas carol from a book they choose….with feeling, color and details. It also must have power and rotations.


They have eight hours to build.


Kelly and Randall have Jingle Bells and it is to honor her son Sidney. She quips that her brother Jack is jealous that she is there.


Dave and Marshawn get 12 Days of Christmas with 13 mini builds to represent the 12 days and the true love.


Krystle and Rob have Up on the Housetop, which involves Rob singing his own version of the song. The build is a city with the entire song having a part of it.


Marshawn gives Will a pair of cleats.

Nene and Calen have I Saw Three Ships with have the ships in frozen water….with pirates.


Nene quips that Rob would make a great Housewife, leading to him and Will jokingly fighting.

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As always, Will, Amy and Jamie walk around to give commentary and talk to the teams.


Marshawn and Dave make their rotation of the twelve days in a spiral formation….with some surprise

The teams continue to work hard to get their builds done and make the necessary changes to make them work.


Marshawn and Dave add humor to their build to represent each gift from the song.


Nene and Marshawn are adorable with their bantering.


Kelly and Randall work into issues getting their build to move correctly. This makes them nervous going into the judging.


Before long, it is time for the builds to be tested and judged. They are all given the pros and cons as they are displayed.


Kelly and Randall’s build breaks! At least they have a sense of humor about it.


Kelly and Randall are in fourth place.

The team in third place is…..Marshawn and Dave.

The team in second place is…..Nene and Caleb!

The winning team is…..Rob and Krystle! They get the trophy and $10,000 for Children’s Mercy Hospital.


Nene also gets money for her charity Hope for the Future.

That’s a wrap for this special!


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