Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for These Giants are Flexible

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for These Giants are Flexible

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for These Giants are Flexible

The episode opens with Bob and Abishola packing for New York. He wants to fit in and become New York Bob and stay in a nice hotel, but she says they are staying with her brother. He protests, but she is more focused on getting Dele ready fir his Julliard audition.

Dele comes in and she quizzes him on what he packed for the audition. He promises he has everything, while Bob says he will be cheering him on with a foam finger. Dele is not amused and Bob wants to know if anyone plans on having fun in New York. He then says he has a list of bagel places to visit….after the audition.


In New York, Bob snarks about waiting for Abishola’s brother, while she snarks on his lifestyle. Dele thinks it looks cool, but she tells him that it is no because his life does not meet up to her standards.

Ade finally arrives and teases his big sister Abishola. He greets the guys and lets them inside. The apartment has a ton of art that Dele loves but Abishola continues to snark on. Ade reminds her of their partying days, which she denies ever happened. Bob and Dele love hearing stories of young Abishola, making her even more annoyed.


At the audition, Dele is intimidated by the other dancers. Bob and Abishola give him words of wisdom, the former being encouraging and the latter reminding him to work hard and get the job done.

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Dele does his audition with Bob taping it on his phone and Abishola looking away, wondering if he is winning.


That night, Abishola watches the video of the audition as Bob sleeps. He finally wakes up after she watches it again and tells her to use headphones. She snarks on Bob’s video skills and worries about Dele getting into Julliard. Bob tells her everything will be fine as they go back to sleep….leading her to have a Broadway type dream called Abishola’s Son in Success where they sing about her being a hell of a mom.


Dele waits for his acceptance letter. They steal Ade’s neighbor’s WiFi as the letter arrives. Dele makes Abishola read it and it turns out he was rejected. He gets upset and knocks down the laptop, storming off. Bob goes after him as Ade tells Abishola he needs a new laptop.


Bob and Dele eat lunch together at a deli. Dele is still upset, so Bob does his best to comfort him, telling him that the big secret of life is that things don’t work out and that most people quit. However, he reminds him that he shouldn’t give up since he has so much support, especially from his mom. They hug and eat their lunches.

Abishola packs up and talks to Ade about his life choices. He reminds her of all the things she did when she was younger and that she showed him all things are possible….and that she is doing the same for Dele. She concludes she pushed them both into the arts.

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The next day, Bob, Dele and Abishola see a Broadway show, happy they stayed an extra day. They read the program and find out that several of the performers didn’t even go to Julliard. One went to SUNY Purchase, which gives Abishola new hope for Dele. Bob says one didn’t even go to school, which gets him shushed.


Later on, Ade plays the piano, with Abishola joining him with the guitar. Bob and Dele come back with food and catch them. Abishola denies playing and tries to change the subject as the episode comes to a close.

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