The Amazing Race Recap for 2/9/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 2/9/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 2/9/2022

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Tour de Fautea in France. Once the teams arrive, they must eat maggot cheese in order to get their next clue.


Detour: Row, row, row your boat has the teams kayak into the ocean, unhook ten matching fish and take them back to the beach.


Gently down the stream has the teams go on a fifteen minute cruise and do a memory game based in the fish they see.


Raquel and Cayla wait for Kim and Penn to work on the gently down the stream detour. Everyone else, save for Dusty and Ryan, do the same detour.


Dusty and Ryan end up struggling on the row, row, row your boat detour to the point where they end up sinking. However, they are able to save their already collected fish, get the other two and remain safe.


Roadblock! Once the teams head for Port de Plaisance, one member of each team must repair holes on a fishing net. Cayla, Penn, Ryan, Lala and Natalia all complete it for their teams.


Pit Stop: Bonifacio Cliffs.


  • -Kim and Penn–won a trip to Turkey
  • -Cayla and Raquel
  • -Dusty and Ryan
  • -Lala and Lulu
  • -Natalia and Arun–NON-ELIMINATION LEG!


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