The Amazing Race Recap for 1/12/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 1/12/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 1/12/2022


Tonight’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes our contestants to Scotland. Once there, they must head to Glasgow..


Upon arrival, they must drive across town and get their clue.


ROADBLOCK! The teams must assemble and properly play the bagpipes.


Several teams, including Caro and Ray, Arun and Natalia and Sam and Connie struggle getting to the roadblock destination, due to traffic and issues driving stick.


Other teams, such as Kim and Penn triumph and make it to the Detour. They can either do a performance in a kilt or build barrels.


Kim and Penn choose the performing detour and while they have a blast, it takes them a bit to get the next clue.


One by one, several of the teams catch up, completing the roadblock and choosing the detour. Arun and Natalia choose the barrel challenge, but end up switching to the performing one when they struggle….but not before they help Sam with his roadblock.


The heroes and the BFFs bond during the barrel detour. Do we see an alliance forming?


Ray and Caro, Sheridan and Akbar and Isaiah and Taylor continue to struggle since they are so far behind everyone else. Sheridan and Akbar are frustrated, but are determined to stick it out.

Slowly but surely, Ray and Caro and Isaiah and Taylor finally manage to catch up and complete their tasks. Arun and Natalia struggle  with their singing detour and must let Sheri and Akbar go ahead. The latter team finishes, but gets lost on the way to the pit stop. They struggle to find directions and finally make it to the pit stop.

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PIT STOP! University of Glasgow


  1. Kim and Penn–won a trip to Cape Cod.
  2. Ryan and Dusty
  3. Spencer and Anthony
  4. Connie and Sam
  5. Caro and Ray
  6. Raquel and Cayla
  7. Lulu and Lala
  8. Taylor and Isaiah
  9. Sheridan and Akbar
  10. Natalia and Arun–eliminated.


Arun is in tears and feels like he let Natalia down. She assures him everything is fine and they have a sweet, bonding moment.


FEBRUARY 28, 2020

Phil gathers everyone together to let them know that the COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing and everyone will be sent home. He hopes to have everyone compete again soon. He sends everyone home with well wishes.



Everyone gathers again in Switzerland.


More next week, stay tuned.

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