Last time on CBS’s Big Brother, both Jessica and Christie were put on the block by Michie. the plan is to get rid of Jessica, while Christie remains a pawn. However, we all know how plans can change and how we must expect the unexpected. 

Both women are breaking down and know that their time on the show could be limited. Christie says that if she is saved, she will throw her deal with Michie and Holly out the window. 

Holly wants to do a Q&A for the fans, but Michie doesn’t like that idea. They end up fighting. He accuses her of being like his exes and she thinks she wasted her time on the show on a showmance. This goes on for FAR too long and there is a lot of screaming and tears. They end up making up later though, so all is right with the world.  

Tommy comforts Christie.

Veto comp time! Everybody except Holly is playing in this one. the object of the competition is for each one to hide a life preserver and for the others to find it. The person’s whose preserver is not found wins. 

Michie finds the most, while Tommy and Jessica each find one. Nobody finds Tommy’s so he wins POV. I don’t get the point of it, because all of them could have been found, but whatever.

POV nomination ceremony! Tommy saves Christie, so Cliff is put on the block. Tomorrow night, either Cliff or Jessica will go home…and then we get to the live eviction. Stay tuned. 

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