Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/19/2023

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 1/4/2024

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/19/2023

-Donya apologizes to her team for her bad performance. Raneisha hugs her and tells her she will be okay.

-Cheerleaders visit the cooks and give them dishes to cook head-to-head. They have 45 minutes to cook their dishes.

-Brad and Melissa face off with cheeseburgers.

-Raneisha makes pizza chips and dips. Her opponent Mattias makes his own pizza, which he claims is what he makes on a daily basis.

-Jermaine thinks his Queens, NY flavor will allow him to beat Donya on the lobster roll face-off.

-Johnathan is confident he will beat Sammi with his fried chicken, only to discover his is raw with only five minutes to spare.


Face Off:

-Melissa: Her cheeseburger has eggplant, spinach and Mediterranean flavors. It is delicious and cooked beautifully. She gets a point.

Brad: His cheeseburger has so much sauce that it makes Chef Ramsay want to regurgitate, but it tastes good.  He also gets a point.

Jason: His wings are way too salty.

Carmen: Her wings are rustic, and allow her team to get a point.

Ryan: His spaghetti and meatballs are delicious. One point.

-Atoya: Her dish is too different for Chef Ramsay’s liking.

Sandra: Her Philly cheesesteak has an Italian flair. One point

Devon: His Philly cheesesteak is also delicious. One point

Leigh: Her mac and cheese is rustic and charming. One point

Dahmere: His mac and cheese is elevated and glamorous. One point

Johnathan: His fried chicken is cooked beautifully. One point

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Sammi: Her fried chicken is delicious. One point

Mattias: His braised tomatoes and red wine pizza is a great comeback. One point

Raneisha: Her pizza dip is way too out of the box.

Donya: Her lobster roll is simple and cooked beautifully. One point

Jermaine: His bacon lobster roll is different but delicious. One point


-The blue team wins and gets a trip to Santa Barbara. Since Melissa has the punishment pass, she decides to go on the trip and trades places with Jason. They parasail, have drinks and just relax.

-The red team has to prepare bread right down to grinding wheat to bake it. Jason mostly finds ways to annoy the ladies.

-Dinner service time! The teams must cook different appetizers and entrees. The red team starts off strong, despite one of the members being caught in a lie over how many ladles were used in the pasta dish.

-Mattias continues to struggle with cooking lobster. He gets more and more frustrated as the team rallies to help him.

-The red team tries to serve burnt halibut, which upsets Chef Ramsay.

-Jason doesn’t cook the steak the way he was told and tries to lie his way out of it. This only upsets Chef Ramsay even more.

-The blue team continues to struggle. Chef Ramsay continues to yell at them.

-Sandra gets agitated by all the noise between the kitchen and Chef Ramsay, who says she will be eliminated if she doesn’t shape up.

-The blue team finally gets back on track.

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-The dinner service ends and the red team wins. The blue team must now pick a bottom two. This leads to an argument, with Jason freaking out over being called out over his behavior.

-In the end, it is Jason and Mattias in the bottom two, with Mattias going home.

-More next week, stay tuned.


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