Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/26/2023

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 10/26/2023

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 10/26/2023

-Jason vs. Raneisha is going to really add drama to this season.

-It is surf and turf night!! They have to guess proteins in dishes made by Chef Ramsay. The team to guess all the combinations correctly in the quickest amount of time will win the challenge.

-The answers are oysters/venison, crab/ostrich, pork/shrimp, halibut/veal and monkfish/rabbit.

-The red team gets it in 13:14. The blue team finishes in 6:39 and win a trip to go axe throwing with Chef Ramsay. The red team must cut fish.

-Both teams trying to figure out the food is hilarious.

-Sammi seems to be overly stressed over cooking the fish and the ladies comfort her as she cries.

-Melissa is also completely shut down and annoys her teammates.

-Dahmere wins a Vitamix for winning the axe throwing challenge.

-Dinner service time! Right away, the red team struggles with their food….the scallops are like rubber, the lobster is raw and the risotto is bland.

-The blue team seems to be doing better in terms of quality but fall behind with the scallops. Move to Trash

-Sandra is confident with her scallops, but they are still overcooked as per Chef Ramsay.

-The red team finally gets things under control. They hit a couple more hiccups, but get the entrees out, much to the delight of the diners.

-Brad loses his voice but keeps trying to communicate and help his team.

-Melissa seems to be butting heads with the ladies, especially Carmen.

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-The blue team ends up serving overcooked Wellington and raw halibut…..causing Chef Ramsay to blow a fuse.

-Luckily, the guys are able to get back in the game and the food out to the diners.

-The red team continues to struggle with their fish dishes.

-The blue team wins, which means that the red team must pick a bottom two and send someone home.

-Melissa and Sandra are in the bottom two, with Melissa going home.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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