Masterchef Finale Recap for 9/20/2023

Masterchef Finale Recap for 9/20/2023

Masterchef Finale Recap for 9/20/2023

-It’s finale time! Kennedy, Jennifer and Grant are vying for the title of Masterchef….and all the perks that come with it.

-After a recap of each cook’s journey, it is time to get down to business.

-The families are soooo sweet!

-The three cooks must prepare a three course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

-Everyone cheers the final three on as they cook.

-As an aside, Grant’s son is the cutest thing ever.

-Kolby is a sweetie with the way he cheers everyone on.

-Grant is struggling with his pasta dish and everyone is worried that his ravioli will burst.

Appetizer Results!

-Jennifer: Her lobster succotash is ‘expertly cooked,’ but could use more salt. The truffles and caviar also get lost in the dish.

-Grant: His ravioli dish is well seasoned, but could have used a bit more time.

-Kennedy: Her crispy skinned trout and potatoes is beautiful and fresh. As an aside, her sister judging the dish made it even more special.


-Time to make the entrees!

-Jennifer makes rack of venison.

-Grant makes pork tenderloin.

-Kennedy makes rabbit.

-Everyone cooks their hearts out as the judges give advice and their families cheer them on.

-All three of them take creative liberty when it comes to plating, making it even more appealing.


Entree Results!

-Grant: His pork loin medallions is delicious, as is the beer-soaked fennel.

-Kennedy: Her rabbit dish is great, but the meat could have been sliced thinner.

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-Jennifer: Her rack of venison is beautiful, but inconsistent in terms of serving.


-Dessert time!

-Jennifer is making her chocolate raspberry ‘I love you cake.’

-Grant is making a coffee stout flavored dessert.

-Kennedy is making a black sesame cake.

-As always, the judges give commentary and advice as they walk around.

-Kennedy struggles with the snow aspect of her dish, but finally gets it to work.

-Jennifer also seems to be struggling with getting her dish done in time.

-Before long, time is up and it is time to taste the dish.


Dessert Results!

-Kennedy: Her black sesame cake is beautiful, but too dry for their liking.

-Jennifer: Her ‘I love you’ cake is exceptional.

-Grant: His stout cake is unique and delicious.


Winner Time!

After a deliberation—the winner is………..GRANT!!!! Congratulations!!!! His son storming the stage to hug him was the best moment ever!!!


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