Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/14/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/14/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/14/2023

It’s night three of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS. There are seven people left and four more episodes….so let the games begin!

Josh talks about how the games are heating up, while Taylor and Britney decide to make an all-girls alliance….despite the fact that Taylor is already in an alliance with Xavier and Josh.


Meanwhile, Xavier and Danielle the fact that Nicole was saved the night before. She tells him she needs him for the showdown.


Nicole begins to suspect Xavier and Danielle are in an alliance, which worries her. Britney also suspects something is going on.


Derek Xiao arrives as the new Elf and to introduce the night’s challenges.


Naughty and Nice Challenge: A musician plays 12 Days of Christmas and the game consists of the players trying to figure out why he was dumped. They must find the answer by looking for Christmas cookies that spell out the phrase he is looking for….and the winner will get a two-minute head start in challenge two.


Derek gives the hint of colors helping them. Britney doesn’t wasn’t to win and give someone a disadvantage. Josh is determined to win.


However, Taylor is the one who wins by correctly guessing the phrase You Are Too Clingy. Since she is able to give one player the disadvantage, everyone tries to give her advice and get on her good side. Xavier and Josh also volunteer to receive the disadvantage to make things easier. She decides to give it to Josh, who pretends he is angry over this turn of events. However, he worries he might regret this later.

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The next challenge has everyone put together gingerbread cookies. Taylor has a head start as her prize while Josh’s gets a five-minute block on his completed puzzle.


Everyone seems to struggle with this challenge, but after a false start, Nicole ends up winning. She must now choose someone for the Santa Showdown. This person will have to choose someone to compete with less time if they win.


Xavier is the target. Britney wonders what the Showdown will be and will volunteer if it is something she will be willing to do.


Santa’s Showdown consists of a human sized snow globe that has a hamster wheel maze. The first person to go will have the most time, with each person following having one minute less time.


Frankie is chosen first and has 5:30 minutes to complete the puzzle. As he competes, Josh and Britney promise to work together and not put each other up.


Frankie finishes the puzzle in 3:11 minutes. He chooses Xavier to go next and he finishes with 14 seconds to spare. He wants to choose Britney, who doesn’t want to do it, knowing she could go home. Nicole agrees, but he still chooses her. Despite being worried, she manages to finish with 1:18 minutes to spare.


Taylor volunteers to go until Britney finds out she was put up in order to keep Danielle safe. This upsets her and makes Danielle the next one to compete in the showdown. She is unable to finish and is eliminated.

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More next week, stay tuned.

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