The Amazing Race Recap for 11/15/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/15/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/15/2023

This week’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race takes us to Ljubljana, Slovenia. The teams begin this leg in the order they made it to the pit stop. Greg and John get on the 4pm flight, while the other teams are on the 7:30pm flight.


Todd and Ashlie decide to be on standby for an earlier flight. They are able to do so, along with Rob and Corey. They arrive in Vienna, Austria and board the first train that will lead them to Slovenia. Due to delays, they are unable to make the connecting train, which means all the teams are on the train together.


Once they arrive, they head to Congress Square for their first clue. Joel and Garrett and Rob and Corey are in the lead and the first to do the Roadblock. This has one team member board a glider and fly over Lake Bled. While there, they must find a four number clue. Garrett and Rob do it for their teams.


Todd and Ashlie and Greg and John arrive next. Todd is too tall to do the Roadblock, so Ashlie must complete it. John completes it for his team, while Robbin and Chelsea and Morgan and Lena arrive. Robbin and Lena complete the roadblock.


Garrett finishes, but has the wrong number and must start over. Rob correctly guesses 1991 and can move on to Planica Nordic Centre. They are closely followed by Ashlie, John and Robbin. Garrett and Lena are completing it.

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Steve and Anna Leigh are lost and fighting.


Todd and Ashlie arrive at the next destination and see that there is an Express Pass up for grabs. In order to get it, they must complete a ski jump challenge. They decide to do it, but go around the staircase they need to climb.


Anna Leigh and Steve finally arrive at the Roadblock. He does it since she is too frustrated to do so.


Garrett finally guesses correctly, with Lena having to start over due to an incorrect guess. She gets it correct on the second try.


Rob and Corey decide to try for the Express Pass and are spotted by Todd and Ashlie. They decide to race for it.


Todd and Ashlie forget about the Express Pass while Greg and John decide to go for it. They also forget about it when they see the guys are already too far ahead of them.


Steve finishes the Roadblock.


As everyone reaches the next destination, they practice on skis to get to the next clue.


Detour! They can either do Field Work to collect hay or Housework to make a home for bees. Greg and John choose the latter, but then change their minds to do the former.


Robbin and Chelsea and Todd and Ashlie do the Field Work task as well.


Rob and Corey get the Express Pass and zipline back down the hill. Once they are done, they decide to join the Field Work task and hang on to the pass. Morgan and Lena join them, while Joel and Garrett do the House Work task.

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Steve and Anna Leigh try for the Express Pass, only to find it has already been claimed.


Todd and Ashlie finish the Detour, followed by Corey and Rob. They all head to Neboticnik Skyscraper. Morgan and Lena and Robbin and Chelsea are hot on their heels, with Joel and Garrett not too far behind….until the guys must double back to get their notebook.


Joel and Garrett are able to get it before Steve and Anna Leigh finish their task. They father and daughter finish not too long after.


Once the teams arrive at the Neboticnik Skyscraper, they discover they must head to Dragon Bridge to the Pit Stop.

Robbin and Chelsea get lost trying to get to the Neboticnik Skyscraper.


Todd and Ashlie and John and Greg are neck and neck….with the latter being the first to reach the Pit Stop and win a trip to Nambia. Todd and Ashlie are right behind, with Rob and Corey arriving third.


Joel and Garrett are team number four.


Morgan and Lena finally find the location but are still far behind.


Robbin and Chelsea are team number five, while Steve and Anna Leigh arrive sixth.


Morgan and Lena arrive last and are eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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