Real Housewives of Potomac Episode 13 Titled “No Shows and Show Downs”

Air Date: October 25th, 2020

  • The episode begins with Giselle Bryant ring shopping with Robyn’s husband, Juan Dixson for a proposal ring. Robyn requested a Morganite stone and claims it means “eternal love”. After doing some research I discovered that Morganite is a glassy pink gemstone that is connected with the soul, the heart, and love. Wearing this stone will bestow one with a healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence, inner strength, and unconditional love. Not exactly the same, but I see the connection.
  • Monique Samuels opens her portion of the episode with her working hard to successfully produce her third live showing of podcast “Not For Lazy Moms”. Her topic this podcast is about one redefining themselves. 
  • Monique decides to talk to Chris’s Godfather, Pastor Pearl, about the physical altercation between Candiace Bassest-Dillard and herself. She receives positive but honest reconstructive criticism similar to the guidance she received from her current Pastor the episode prior.
  • Monique invites the women out for her podcast. Robyn said maybe. Karen said yes, then canceled at  6 a/m the morning of. Wendy declines. 
  • Karen and Ray Hugher go to therapy. We discover they have been together for 25 years and married for 23. Ray indirectly shares his burden of being recognized as Karen’s husband now as opposed to Karen being recognized as his wife. Ray finally admits how much Karen has helped him financially and publicly thanks her for it.
  • Wendy Osefo invites everyone in the cast, with the exemption of Monique, to her live podcast called “Wine with Wendy” where she discusses things currently plaguing the Black Women community and how to continue to uplift one another.
  • Monique throws her event and Ashley Darby is the only one from the cast to attend. She arrived supportive with good energy.
  • Robyn and Juan take the children bowling and Robyn parents attend. He asked for their approval in proposing to her.
  • Wendy hosts her event and like predicated, everyone on the cast but Monique attends.
  • Candiace pulls Karen aside to talk to her about her disapproval of how Karen is handling the situation between Monique and herself. Karen communicates her opinion and stands her ground that she will not rid her friendship with Monique over their ordeal.
  • In next week’s predictions, Ashley shares with the woman that they are going to Portugal, however I don’t believe Monique is in the clip or attends.
  • Overall the episode seemed like a filler one, and I would give it a 4 out of 10.
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