America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/19/2023

America's Got Talent Recap for 9/19/2023

America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/19/2023

This is the final week of qualifiers on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.  Terry Crews hosts, while Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara judge.


Eduardo Antonio Trevino—Mariachi singer: He sings Remember Me in both English and Spanish while adding in a ton of Mariachi flavor…it is the cutest thing ever and his spirit is contagious!

The judges adore him and think he is already a star in the making.


Grace Good—Hula Hoop Aerialist: She added fire and danger to her act as per the request of social media. The stunts, the added danger, the fore….it is amazing. I would definitely pay to see this act.

The judges think she is fearless, strong and sexy…..despite Howie nitpicking about a mistake.


Lachune—Singer: She sings Simply the Best and WOW…..this was such a beautiful performance. I am so glad she decided to live her dream and pursue singing because I think she is here to stay.

Howie is nitpicky again, but the other judges think she might just make it to the finals.


Eseniia Mikheeva—Dancer: She begins with a quick change and breaks out into a fun, sassy dance routine that made me smile from start to finish…WOW. This girl is going places for sure!

The judges think she is adorable and love her personality.


Mandu Muden—Comedian/Magician: Hers also includes a quick change, mixed with some acrobatics and a box. It is like nothing I have ever seen before and I am in awe.

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The judges love him and think America should work.


Avantgardy—Dance Group: They are so fun to watch and their look is adorable. They look like dolls…I absolutely love everything about them!

The judges think that they look like dolls come to life and call them one of their favorite dance troupes.


Trailer Flowers—Singers: They do an original song….and get buzzed by Howie pressing Heidi’s buzzer. They are cute and would probably be awesome to see on a cruise ship or other fun event.

The judges aren’t too keen on the act, but love them as people.


Ramadhani Brothers—Head balancers: They use ladders and blindfolds tonight and WOW…..I am in awe of them…..this is an act I would pay good money to see. I wonder how they come up with these ideas, let alone pull them off.

The judges think it was a scary, yet million dollar act.


Gabriel Henrique—Singer/Sofia’s Golden Buzzer: He is a powerhouse singer….like on the levels of John Legend and Luther Vandross. I am spellbound by his voice. I cannot wait to see him grow as a singer because he is going to make it big!

The judges think he is angelic and a star in the making.


SangSoon Kim—Magician: He is able to pull things from the air and add a bunch of cartoon like creativity to the act….I have no idea how he pulls this off, but I love every moment.

The judges compare him to Mary Poppins, but prefer his initial act.


82nd Airbourne Division All-American Chorus—Choir: They sing I Am Here by P!nk and add some military cadences in it. The performance reminds me of music my friend Kim used to send me in college to help get me through finals….and drama. That being said, the performance is so unique ands interesting.

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Simon thanks them for their service and the judges chime in by saying they love the act.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!


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