Masterchef Recap for 9/13/2023

Masterchef Recap for 9/13/2023

Masterchef Recap for 9/13/2023

MASTERCHEF: L-R: Host/judge Gordon Ramsay with contestants in the “Hell’s Kitchen / Semi-Finals” episodes of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, September 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

Masterchef Recap for 9/13/2023

-It’s Restaurant Takeover week on Masterchef!!!

-Grant and Wayne are captains for the red and blue team, respectively.

-Reagan and Kennedy are on the blue team, while Jennifer and Sav are on the red team.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay teaches them how to make the filet mignon, scallops, lobster, risotto, crispy salmon and sides.

-The teams get to work, but before long, there is a lot of fighting in the kitchen. Wayne is micromanaging, annoying Kennedy. Chef Gordon Ramsay is angry and expects them to get over their issues and get to work.

-Sav is frustrated and keeps burning herself on the pan. Her scallops get messed up and are so bad that Chef Gordon Ramsay says he won’t serve them to his dead dog.

-The red team is falling behind, causing customers to get annoyed.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay needs more risotto from the blue team. Reagan thinks they have enough from the previous batch and tells him this. He gets angry and tells her to not disrespect him or his restaurant.

-The red team tries to serve raw lobsters, causing Chef Gordon Ramsay to lose his mind.

-Kennedy comes around and begins to respect Wayne as he takes charge and changes his attitude.

-Grant is messing up so much that Chef Gordon Ramsay threatens to take away his C or Captain title. This causes him to switch things up and fix things in the kitchen.

-Both teams continue to struggle through the entree round, with the red team once again trying to serve undercooked food.

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-The red team continues to serve rare filet mignons, pissing off Chef Gordon Ramsay even more.

-The blue team wins the challenge!

-This means Grant, Jennifer and Sav are up for elimination.

-Sav is eliminated.


Hour 2!

-Each of the remaining cooks must make a stuffed pasta dish. They each choose a pasta dough with a different flavor and will create something special and creative.

-Jennifer makes a stuffed veal pasta with a wine sauce.

-Wayne makes lobster ravioli.

-Reagan makes a stuffed spinach, cheese and Swiss chard pasta.

-Grant makes a seafood stuffed pasta.

-I guess we don’t find out Kennedy’s dish?

-This round goes by super fast and before long it is time for the judges to taste the dishes.

-The judges give the pros and cons of each dish before deciding that Wayne is eliminated.

-The remaining cooks will have to cook Chef Gordon Ramsay’s coffee encrusted venison….while he cooks alongside them.

-Everyone gets to work….following Chef Gordon Ramsay’s explicit instructions.

-Once again, the round goes by quickly….and the judges give the pros and cons on each dish.

-Grant wins the challenge and is in the finals.

-Kennedy is also in the finals!

-Jennifer and Reagan are in the bottom two. If Reagan gets through the final three will all have Presidental names.

-Jennifer is in the final three, Reagan is going home.

-Finale next week, stay tuned.

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