Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/13/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/13/2023

Big Brother 25 Recap for 9/13/2023

Big Brother 25 on CBS picks up right where we left off with the nomination ceremony. Cameron declares the Legend 25 alliance dead and has his plan in motion to get rid of either Felicia or Izzy. They both plan on fighting to stay.


Jag and Blue are delighted over the fact that they are not on the block after all.


Both Felicia and Izzy talk to Cameron, who makes them both think they are safe and that he plans on working with them in the future. Izzy thinks he is lying….and even thinks he might be planning on backdooring Cirie.


Cirie herself makes it clear that Cameron is still a target but will try and protect him. He knows that she is lying.


America and Cory are thrilled about the girls getting called out on their gameplay.


Cirie and Izzy think that Cameron will backdoor Cirie and come up with a plan to prevent this….even if it means Izzy not using the POV on herself if she wins.


Jag and Cameron talk about working together, but they don’t trust each other.


Cameron also thinks he is bonding with Jared….who doesn’t trust Cameron at all. Cameron doesn’t help matters when he reveals his plan about letting the girls think they are pawns and alluding to backdooring Cirie.


Matt and Jag have a final two deal.


Jared, Jag and Matt are joining Cameron, Felicia and Izzy in the POV comp. Cirie comforts Izzy and makes her feel better about her place in the house no matter the results. Jared and Matt don’t plan on using the POV if they win.

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Josh Duhamel!!!! As an aside, my sister and I got to meet him bac in the day when he was Leo on All My Children. He made an appearance at a local mall. Anyway, Josh hosts the comp, which has them getting dizzy on a lawn chair and then taking three skeeball shots. Everyone will get a prize or punishment.


Izzy is eliminated first and gets Veto fish.

Cameron is next and got a costume punishment, which he switched with Izzy.

Felicia wins a European vacation and switches to get the veto.

Jared gets a punishment fish and switches to get the veto.

Jag wins $5000.

Matt wins time with Josh with selfies for a week. In reality, he must wear camping gear and take Polaroids with a life size cut out of Josh.

Jared has POV.

Felicia and Cirie have helmets and life vests that they must wear while tethered together in a kayak for 48 hours.


Izzy and Cameron must wear pig onesies and dig dirt in a pigpen for 12 hours.


Cameron tries to convince Jared to backdoor Cirie….not knowing the connection or that Jared will use this against him later. They also talk about backdooring Jag, but that idea doesn’t go over well.

Jared, of course, reports this all to Cirie (and Felicia due to the punishment). Felicia plays it cool since she is with Cirie, but wishes she can express her own opinions.


POV is not used and nominations remain the same.


Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned!





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