On The Case with Paula Zahn Recap for Love Lost Justice Found

On The Case with Paula Zahn Recap for Love Lost Justice Found

On The Case with Paula Zahn Recap for Love Lost Justice Found

-This week’s On The Case with Paula Zahn follows the case of Sherry Black.

-November 30, 2010. Earl Black called the police to report the murder of his wife Sherry. He had gone to see her at work and was surprised she wasn’t working on books as she usually did. As he walked around to look for her, he found blood….which led him to her lifeless body with scissors in her chest, covered in blood.

-Earl was questioned as the investigation began. A belt, a broken bottle and her partially clothed body were found, as well as a bloody palm print on a shelf. Another one was found by the telephone. It also looked as if he took his time leaving the store. There was blood everywhere and seemed as if this was not a premeditated murder.

-Authorities think that this was an act of rage and the killer was inexperienced. However, it was inferred that he might strike again.

-Theft also did not seem to be a motive in the murder and it was unclear as to why Sherry was attacked, sexually assaulted and killed.

-Her family and loved ones were at a loss as to why someone would want to kill Sherry, who was well loved and took her passion for books and made it into a business.

-Evidence is taken and witnesses claim they saw a man leaving the store during the time of the murder. However, it didn’t lead to much and no suspects were found or taken into custody.

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-Earl recalls last time he saw his wife. He was questioned, but cleared once he was able to prove his alibi.

-Sherry was supposed to have been meeting with a client the day of her murder. Police began to wonder if a dispute with this person could have led to her being killed. However, he got stuck in traffic and never met up with her, claiming that she was not at the store when he arrived. He claimed that he waited about 45 minutes before leaving.

-Authorities found this strange, especially since blood was visible and he had claimed he never checked the back of the store. He was called for a second interview, but this time he insisted on having a lawyer. He claimed he did not go into the back of the store because it was not a part he was interested in and he didn’t even know it existed. The customer became more cooperative and was able to provide evidence, including his own palm print. This cleared him as a suspect.

-It was now inferred that she was killed by a stranger.

-Eighteen days later, a woman named Kristine Gabel was killed in a similar manner. However, a man named Paul David Vara was arrested in connection with the murder. They thought he had killed both women, but he was in prison at the time of Sherry’s murder, clearing him as a suspect.

-The investigation continued, but the lack of answers made her family even more frustrated.

-Years went by, but the investigation continued. Detective Parker tracked down every lead and finally came up with a name: Adam Antonio Durborow. He was nineteen at the time of the murder and was not considered a typical suspect. He only had two shoplifting citations on his otherwise clean record. His DNA was compared to what was found at the scene of the crime and it was a match.

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-Adam was questioned and admitted to killing Sherry because he was having a ‘rough time’ due to his time in the foster system. He had only gone into the store to browse before meeting with his therapist. He admitted that she was friendly, but for some reason, it set him into a rage…. leading to him killing her.

-The case was solved and he got life in prison without the possibility of parole.

-Sherry’s family is relieved to finally have answers. They created the Sherry Black Foundation in her honor to help solve cold cases around the country.

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